Sunday Style Guide: Evening Wear Edition

This blazer dress from is a gorgeous Kelly green with a floral print that gently whispers feminine nothings into the air. I love that it kind of looks like a romper but itsn’t. Though I wouldn’t wear this to a glam gala I would wear it to a formal function that wasn’t black tie like say Portland Plus size fashion week coming up in Sept.

This amazing silk taffeta looking skirt is the perfect contrast to the intricate detailing of the darker bodice. It’s like the 1920’s and modern sewing gave birth to a classy masterpiece. You could wear this to any wedding, charity event or other fancy pants place and look effortlessly put together. Available at

Ok Now, we get to favorite favorite things! Things with SPARKLE!!!!!! This gorgeous gown in a deep blue shimmer is available at and it’s sort of a combo of a body con dress and a fit and flare. A Bodflare? Either way it’s beautiful, but one word of caution lovelies, you most likely will need to have formal wear tailored so keep that in mind when shopping, especially if you’re on a budget the way most of us are!

This Calvin Klein Hi-Lo dress had me wayyy to excited for gala season. I imagine this is what royalty wear to open new shops and things. I just love everything from the universally flattering cut to the pattern. I can just feel how silky this is too. It was so good I included both front and back pics. I just need to kind out how I can justify buying this and where I would wear it too? In all honesty you might catch me in the grocery store like this.

This was another dress that deserved both front and back looks. I love the flapper look but this is more flapper meets modern socialite and that is kind of bad ass in its own way. The Detailing , the detailing is amazing and I can’t stop looking at it. This dress is romance.You could wear this to a fancy cocktail party, it could double as a 20’s costume party dress, etc.  Also available at

Sparkle! Sparkle, sparkle , sparkle everywhere! You are a goddess divine and now you can look like one in this one sleeved dress with tons of sparkle but not a lot of structure. I normally shy away from dresses that don’t have built in structural components to them but this is too sparkly to pass up.

Sparkle with Structure ( some anyway) It has an empire waist stitched in which is helpful but I’m not sure about the blouson effect? For me being 5’ nothing it seems like blouson effects just look messy and thoughtless on me, on a tall plus size goddess it might work

Want to go fancy but still be rock n’ roll? Then check out this masterpiece at with an asymmetrical black fringe running down a white and black body con dress. This could definitely be the yin to your yang. Any kind of art gallery opening or other creative event would compliment this dress. It’s definitely a contender for my Portland Fashion week outfits.

No matter if you’re headed to your next Cinderallaesque ball or if you’re supporting a friends book launch, you can and will look fabulous. Don’t be afraid to stand out with sparkle, show your fringe, flash some leg or even crop your top. You deserve to feel sexy, secure and actualized. There are no “rules” when it comes to plus size dressing. You do you , you wear and create whatever speaks to your soul and to hell with everyone else. Don’t ever let ANYONE dull your Sparkle!

Stefanie Hines


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