The Size Inclusive Revolution- A new definition of woman

                                   Why Size Inclusivity is the Natural Evolution of Fashion

Remember the name Liroy Choufan. Choufan wrote an Op-ed for Business of (link Here to original article). His article is about why he believes the Plus Size fashion revolution will fail and he likens fashion to religion, exclusionary by design and based on faith rather than fact. He goes on to lecture the reader that it’s not exclusionary brands or designers we should blame but ourselves for “the devil” of exclusion is really us.

Choufan actually believes that fashion requires something being “in” or “out” what bull shit. Do we look at someone twice when they dress in hyper color pants and splatter overalls? Sure but it’s because the outfit is bold, we don’t label that person as “out”, what an antiquated idea. Fashion is and always has been an expression of self ; not a club to which someone belongs. If your idea of fashion is that there are those who are “worthy” of it and those who are not, the problem is you not the idea of fashion.

  To absolve brands and designers who have purposefully restricted their lines to only the horribly named “straight sizes” is proof of Choufan’s own adherence to the exclusion as fashion model. Of course designers and brands are responsible for who they choose to serve. Not only is restrictive sizing in the name of “aspirational branding” antiquated it’s also economically idiotic.

The Plus size clothing market is estimated to be worth 250 billion dollars world wide. Most American women are size 16 and up. Now when designers choose to turn away Plus size dollars they are making a statement of who is worth their consideration. Choufan also forgets that the exclusionary model of fashion has been systematically and relentlessly enforced by designers and industry marketing teams for decades. Policing bodies has been the modus operandi of the fashion machine for as long as advertisements have existed.

No matter what your size it’s probably not right according to the old fashion model, you’re either too skinny or too fat, no woman or man is ever right according to this model. The exclusionary model of fashion perpetuates the sinister agenda of making both men and women feel like they are not good enough as they are and need to purchase “worthiness”.  It’s time to finally put this outdated model of fashion out to pasture and shoot it until it bleeds out every non-organic poly blend fiber of its being.

Fashion is a celebration of color and texture and structure that has a million influences and a language that can resonate around the globe. Fashion is a collaborative art that has no need for self-imposed exclusion rules. Women and men alike are tired of being told what they should look like and are seeking retailers who actually make clothing to meet them where they are. Ultimately consumers will the saviors of Fashion. 

Whether Choufan likes it or not Size Inclusivity is on the horizon with companies like Jcrew expanding their line up to 5x soon. Jason Wu is dropping a Fall line for Elloquii this year, and let’s not forget Mr. Christian Siriano on the couture end. The game is changing because consumers are demanding change, this evolution is inevitable and far from dead.

Long Live Fashion For ALL

- Stefanie Hines


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