I hate the way this looks..... Why your clothes don't fit.

How many times have we said that in a dressing room looking in a mirror because the "plus-size" clothing line we were trying on just didn't get it, that not all women who are full figured have the same figure! The human body is a never ending conundrum of curves, and some of us have more curves than others. If you're tall and hour glass shaped you need different jeans that someone who is short and pear shaped etc. Designers in school are taught with dummies that have exaggerated heights and impossible waist lines. Most plus size patterns are merely increases in proportions, not a whole different fit which is what's needed. This is the problem I and many other people throughout the plus size world have, surely in this day in age there must be a solution to it.

My solution: I'm trying to find a new or established designer who can use consumer input to manufacture a line of clothes that actually fits, not just that the buttons close but that you can look in the mirror and say "Wow, this looks really good." Someone who understands the need for consumer customization, imagine if you could buy a pair of jeans online tomorrow by upload a picture of yourself and your dimension and the fit you would prefer, while getting professional feedback? It seems like a dream but I truly believe with the right designer, manufacturer and logistics it can be done.

What do you think?


  1. I'm all in! I'm a 12-14, and the bigggest issue I have is my bust isn't covered/sized for, and the rest of the clothes proportions are too big. I wish they made clothing that was specifically listed "bigger bust" or "hourglass," instead of, as you said, just increasing proportions.

    I unfortunately don't know of any great plus-sized designers (yet!) but I do have one to avoid: Lane Bryant. Their t-shirts are ill-fitting and not form fitting, which I think is often more important if they aren't stick thin. They do make nice jeans, but those are by Seven.

    Keep the faith :) There has to be someone out there. You might want to check out Plus Size Magazine.

    1. Lady J I think that is an excellent idea! I will email the fashion editor of Plus Model Magazine today


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