One Day At a time- My Daily Venting

7-21-13 Happy Sunday! Someone asked me yesterday if I was blogging everyday and I sheepishly looked guilty and blurted something out about midterms. I did have midterms this week so my diet and excercise routine went out the window when I needed it most I think but after a week of bingeing on sweets and discovering I no longer like my old favorite burger at Red Robin I think it's time to bring back the healthy food stufts.

Truth is I haven't been blogging lately because I didn't feel like I had anything important to add to the conversation, who cares what I think about anything right? I'm sure we've all felt like this at some point where we just don't think we're making any difference or like we have no power to effect anything so why try? I think it's hard to remember sometimes that we do this because we love it, not just because people read it. So here's to the readers, the writers, bloggers and all other digital media mavens, power on even though I understand now why sometimes it's so important to power down.

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