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One Day At a time- My Daily Venting


Working on knowing my worth. It’s be a rough four year break over in my neck of the woods. Mostly because I didn’t think my voice was an important one, I was too scared of not really mattering in the grand scheme of things. So I missed out on all the fun, all the fashion and the joy I get from interacting with people in the amazing Plus size community! I was so wrong to give up what I loved from what I thought was a “safe bet”.

I still have my day job, don’t get me wrong but I’ve finally come to the realization that I have lots to offer the wider world, amazing skills, ideas and creative projects brimming up. I just didn’t believe in them enough before, I didn’t have the courage to dream up a world where I and they mattered. I was afraid of looking “silly”, well you know what? If one single woman/girl feels better because of something I write, or something they see on CGINTW than I’ve done my life’s work. I experience such great joy when I can bring you something of value. I hope to do that every week and I’m not going to let anyone stand in my way anymore. Not even me.

Later Lovelies!


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