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Fitness for Fabulous Chubby Girls- Project Badass

8-13-18- Sooooo Last entry was on 11-25-12, yeah there’s a lot in between there and now. But let’s stick to the stats ma’am just the stats. Right now I weigh in at 272 pounds, a 55 inch wait, 59 inches hips and each thigh is about 21 inches. I’ve lost about 53 pounds since 2017. I’ve also gone completely vegan and am controlling my diabetes with diet and exercise.

Going plant based helped me cut out a lot of the junk food and I highly recommend watching Forks over Knives on Netflix to learn the health benefits of a plant based diet and also checking out Neal Barnard on YouTube. He’s got a great no nonsense vibe and explains how you can combat diabetes with a whole food, low fat plant based diet.

If you want to know more about my vegan journey email me @ for more resources. (For free!)

11-25-12- Ok So thanksgiving did not go well as far as staying on plan goes but the again did we really think it would? So I'm pretty sure I gained like 2-3 pounds but I won't know for sure until tomorrow morning. Worse yet I hurt my back on Wed at the gym so I'm going to have to hold off on any intense cardio, my plan is to just cut back to four days a week and use the recumbent bike so I won't strain my back. I also have to go back to my eating plan which I've neglected since Wed night. Ahhh repercussions.

11-18-12 - Ok so For five days I ate right, worked out and gained 3 pounds it was completely demoralizing. So I hate a medium pepperoni pizza and the went out on date night ate filet mignon cheesecake and then today we had BBQ for Breakfast/lunch. It was not good. I felt like I did all that hard work for nothing and then today Big's friends came over and one of the girls in their Dungeons and Dragons group said I looked smaller, go figure right? I feel massive most days like this is a HUGE undertaking (pun totally intended) but it's really hard to just keep trucking on but we have to, results don't come easy and I'm not looking to be super thin, just healthy and a place where my body will continue to work past 30. Tomorrow is Monday and it's a new day, I'm not going to beat  myself up over cheesecake, I'm not going to punish my body for what I ate but I'm going to work it out because it feels good.

11-14-12- Ok so everything going pretty good today in calorie range but man do I want a cookie, Carbs! Nom nom nom! Somehow triscuits just aren't the same. Will be posting new pic this Sunday!

So a few months ago I tried to take a balls to the wall approach to fitness, it didn't work for a few reasons. There was a lot of issues going on at the time financial, emotional, etc. So last week I started going to the gym and eating reasonably again, lost 6 pounds. I think the difference is now it's just something I do not some crazy plan I'm trying to live up to. So yeah is 6 pounds crazy good,  well...yeah it is. This is my "before" pic, not too bad if  I say so myself. This is me at 306 (was 312 yikes!) My 28th is Dec 7th and the goal is to be 290 or under by then, which is just a little over half a pound a day, I think it's doable. If you want follow along with me here's my
work out schedule and eating plan below below:
"Before" Picture-

 Eating plan via :
Calories:2120-2470 (you're allowed this but I usually top out around 1900 unless i have dessert)
Carbs: 238-401
Fat: 47-96
Protein: 60-216

Work outs:
 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week
3 strength training sessions a week
2 Krav Maga/Barre Youtube videos/drills per week


  1. It use to be access and I remedied it with a home gym nicely and selfishly just for moi! Religiously use it and love it and it is the main catalyst behind my weight loss.


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