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Special spooktacular Halloween episode

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

10 Fashionable pieces I want but am Not going to buy

Top Ten Halloween costumes that won't break the bank!

Why there is no Style Guide today!

Hey guys so this week has been hectic for me. I just didn't have the energy to do the Style guide they way I wanted to or the time! So rather than putting out blah content I've decided to ask for your understanding.
 I need a rest, some coffee and some quiet right now, do you ever feel this way? Let me know in the comments how you like to unwind. Next Sunday will be a longer video with my Top 10 Halloween Costume ideas and a tutorial on two various on Lydia Deetz from Beetle Juice. I'm going for the more goth black look but red veiled dress can be easily achieved too! All that and more coming next Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Anti-haul of Plus Size Halloween Costumes- Stop the Madness!

These are just my opinions people! If you like these I’m happy you found what you like, these just aren’t for me. But Seriously keep your Christmas out of Halloween!

Two Videos this week! Sunday Style Guide and A Holiday Buying Guide!

Weird wonderful Wed! Torrid, Old Navy and Charlotte Russe

Join me for storytime! Watch me fan girl over the Zodiac pallette, new clothes at Charlotte Russe and hints on my 2018 holiday buying guide! Coming this Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!