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Plus Size Vintage Inspired Pieces from

Gooooood Morning Lovelies!
I’m so excited to share these finds with you. If you’re like me and love vintage clothing but have a very (and I mean very) hard time finding pieces that actually fit your body, you’ll rejoice to the plus size fashion gods for these jewels I’ve uncovered over at
This isn’t a sponsored post so my review of the pieces will be unbiased, but I do have to disclose I love most of them. (Except the rompers, rompers need to die, sorry but they do :( . Most of the pieces are on the pricey-er side ($40 and over) but these would be investment pieces, things you’d keep for years so that’s something to consider.

So sit back grab your coffee, tea or champagne (We don’t judge here) and let’s talk fashion!
Channel you inner Rizzo with these sailor shorts. You could glam it up with a button down like the one shown here or you if you want a sex kitten vibe, you could wear a tight tank with a bold lip and wavy hair . Don’t forget the darkest shades you own, you’ll be serving the lewek all day long. I know that some of my younger readers would wear these with sexy red heels, but I’m old and I feel like low slung Chuck Taylors make just as much of a statement.

Are you more of a Sandy? (Lots of Grease references today) This dress is sweet and chill all the same time. It’s pink and white gingham pattern lend a playfulness, the sweet heart neckline is great for those of us you maybe need some elongating of the neck area, but if you’re very busty you just want to make sure you’ve got a good supportive strapless bra. I liked this piece because it is something that definitely has a vintage vibe but wouldn’t look out of place in an everyday setting and with a blazer in grey or navy wouldn’t be out of place in most office settings.

Umm Can you say Mad Men, Boss Babe? I mean look how in charge this lady looks! She owns the Washington Post, the New York Times and all of the Upper East Side, at least that’s what the dress is telling me. This dress would make me feel like a #BOSS in an meeting at work and make me feel way more prepared than I probably am TBH.

If you want to feel like a 1950’s starlet, this is THE dress for you. I love the detail at the neckline and the shoulders. I really appreciate that this dress isn’t trying to hide your body, it’s accentuates all the parts I want it to and gently blurring the ones I don’t want to draw attention to. It’s like the perfect sheer concealer of dresses. It also is giving me Roman Holiday vibes which is always good, if you haven’t seen that Audrey Hepburn movie, what are you doing with your life?

If sailor shorts aren’t your thing you might like these adorable Sailor Pants, the button detail is cute and the wide leg is definitely on trend, I am skeptical on how these would fit someone who is very apple shaped like myself. I’m just insecure bout my mid section and don’t know if wearing bright yellow would be a great idea for me but if you’re less of a wimp than me, I say “Onward!”.

YAAAASS!!!!!! OMG OMG YAAASSS! I Love this! So has a line of Barbie clothes! Including Plus sizes!!!! This is my favorite one because it’s so Audrey who is a style icon of mine, (though I hardly dress like her).
This cotton swim dress screams Lady about town, it’s the classiest way to travel and you just know that wherever this woman is header good and classy tine are going to be had. I would wear this to brunch, to go shopping in the fancy part of town or on the rare occasions I make it to Church (which is almost never, sorry Mom.) But you guys it’s Barbie, what else would you need?

I call this the Happy dress, just looking at it makes me happy. The multi-colored polka dots are visually interesting without being too much. It’s hard to get prints like this right and they’ve to create just the right balance of light and dark colors. The bow is adorable and I would just want to twirl all day in this dress. I would probably pair this with either a dark navy shoe or a deep red velvet heel or Mary Jane just for contrast. I also would want my hair pulled back in cute soda shop pony. Agree or Disagree?

Date night dress alert! Look at the Bardot neckline! I really appreciate that it looks like the trim is stitched into place, so that high winds won’t ruin your heart palpitating look. The description says it’s a dark navy but it photographs black so be aware that IRL it may be slightly bluer. Either way I love the shape and the dots are a true pattern here instead of a graphic element. It’s almost like gingham but not quite. I would wear this on a romantic night out with pasta, passion and vegan ice cream! Mange!

Is anyone else feeling serious Outlander vibes here? I’m a sucker for a good period drama, and this dress brings just the right amount of drama.
The tartan pattern is something you normally don’t see in a dress these days so I appreciate the relative novelty but it also doesn’t feel out of place. You could easily wear this to work or out to the movies and I don’t think a single person would bat an eye except to tell you how fab you look. I do notice that there’s plenty of gaping in the picture, so that’s something to be aware of, if you’re above a D cup, you might need to size up and have the rest tailored. I also which there was a little more delineation between the circle skirt and the bodice, right now it just looks like two pieces jammed together, also the pattern doesn’t line up, does this bother anyone else but me? Or am I just Cray? Is is supposed to look like that? I don’t know Tartan.

Accessories! Accessories! Look at these Accessories!
So have you ever gotten dressed in the morning and thought “How can I be EXTRA extra today?” You answers my Lovely are below!

I feel like I just want to wear this everywhere, all the time no matter the occasion. Don’t tell me nothing or I will cut you but like a LADY!

Channeling Jackie O with a modern twist.
So these glasses are what would happen if the 1960’s  James Bond and Lena Horne had a baby, gold cool. I love it.

That is this weeks vintage inspired style guide Lovelies!
Let me know what you thought about my picks this week, what you want to see next, what are your fashion questions?
I hope you have an amazing Labor Day Week, remember fashion has only ONE rule and that is THAT THERE ARE NO RULES.
Don’t forget we post new content every Wednesday and Sunday.

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Until Wednesday!
-Chubby Girl In the World
Stefanie Hines


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