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Why loving your body means not always accepting it.

Good Morning Lovlies!

This post is late due to some technical difficulties so I hope you’ll forgive me, now some context about the title. Wednesday posts are my time to get on my soapbox and yell into the void of the internet. Sundays are all about Fashion and fun, so if you’d rather not endure my opining and just want to see the weeks collections of clothes, come see me on Sunday morning. 

Trigger Warning: I’m going to talk about weight and weight loss, if you are currently being treated for disordered eating or another eating disorder please proceed with caution. If you are experiencing harmful thoughts about yourself or your weight please see out professional help immediately. You have intrinsic value and the world needs your sparkle don’t let anyone dull it.

I am NOT a proponent of fat shaming or shaming anyone into modifying their behavior. I do believe that the body/fat acceptance movements get a lot of things right for example people of all sizes should be treated with dignity and respect. The one thing I can’t get behind is telling someone that they can be healthy at “any size”. You can certainly be more conditioned than other people who’s BMI is much lower but the hard hitting truth is that if you are overweight or obese like half of the United States is then there are many health problems you’re at a higher risk for like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Loving your body means taking care of it, it means having a healthy relationship with food and excercise. Acceptance can be a great thing a necessary thing, you have to accept and acknowledge where you are to make any progress with any goal. My problem with accepting your body when you’re not in a healthy place is that it doesn’t do you or your body any good. If you don’t take action towards a healthier lifestyle you will damage yourself and may even cut your life short. Now there is a difference between saying “Ok, I’m here and I need to take steps to a healthier me” which is what I would consider acceptance. But saying and promoting the idea that obesity is healthy is literally dangerous to your health. That being said ignore the peanut gallery, everyone one’s normal is different and you and your doctor should be communicating about your health goals. Don’t try to compare your journey to other people’s, your path is going to look very different from anyone else’s. What I want to communicate very clearly is that you don’t need hit a “weight goal” that others set for you, you should work on loving and using your body in the best most joyful ways.

“But aren’t you a plus size blogger?” You say. Yes I am because I am a plus size person working on getting healthier but I still like being fashionable. Being fashionable is not the right of the thin, plus size fashion has come a long way over the past 30 years but there’s definitely a need for improvement. Fashion helps you express yourself without saying a word and size inclusive fashion is the admission that not everyone needs to be a size 2. I am not promoting that you must lose weight, I’m only promoting a healthy lifestyle which often results in shedding excess weight. Don’t worry about the scale, movement is the only measurement that matters. 

That’s all for now Lovlies,
Love your self, love your body and feed your mind.



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