Sunday Fashion Style Guide- Everything We Love this Week!

Happy Sunday Lovlies!

You made it all the way to Sunday! Grab your coffee☕️ tea 🍵or mimosa 🥂and let’s feast on the fashion we’ve curated for this week! You’ll notice some new designers this week. The one I’m fan girling over is Premme, Nicolette Mason a Plus size fashion blogger and icon is one of their founders. 

If you visit their site you’ll notice almost all their pieces are sold out! A bummer but this means people can’t get enough of them. You can also set up an email alert for when your fav pieces are back in stock.

 Also Ashley Nell Tipton, a name synonymous with high concept plus size fashion (and the winner of Project Runway Season 14) she is seriously playful with  some designs that are fire! Without further ado here is this weeks covetable clothes.

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So this jacket right here? #Damnright Feminism= the belief in economic, social and political equality between the sexes. AKA Sexy AF 
I love that Premme carries sizes up to a 5X, so many “high fashion” plus brands don’t. I was a 5X until a few months ago! Size inclusion is feminist. The idea that you must make yourself as small as possible to put others at ease is bullshit. You are a bad ass bitch, stay happy, stay healthy and live your best damn life. In the words of Beyoncé, “the best revenge is your paper”. 💯


So this outfit screams Cher Horowitz but as an adult, it’s preppy enough for the office but the soft pastel color makes it interesting instead of a boring office staple.

I would pair this with some old school converse for that nerdy kind of #Girlboss vibe. I’m just so impressed with this line, it’s interesting, bold and sartorial all at once and I want everything. Everything!

#3 So imagine you’re walking down the street and you randomly run into Gwen Stefani, this is the jacket you’d want to be wearing because you know she’d vibe on it and then you randomly become besties with Gwen Stefani, rock n roll goddess because you had the foresight to rock an amazing emerald jacket. That’s what would happen, can you even imagine not having this jacket now? No you can’t, you NEEDS it. 

#   4 I have never seen paper bag waist pants done this well before, fast fashion designers usually don’t pay enough attention to quality materials and it ends of looking a hot mess but not Ms. Tipton ya’ll. She does not play, her aesthetic is chill artist lady with poppin’ hair. You seriously have to check out her whole line, these are investment pieces you’ll own for years.
#5    Ok I dare you to look at this dress and not smile. The pattern is floral but a sophisticated floral, it looks like one of those fancy framed botanical prints but infused with 1950’s technicolor and I love it. This is the perfect dress for a church picnic or a ladies brunch or sweet afternoon with your sweetheart. I imagine myself doing things like searching for vintage furniture in this dress or getting artisanal vegan ice cream in downtown Portland.

      #6 This is the penultimate #CEO look, this is someone who is powerful and knows it. Real powerful people have a quiet assured presence, they don’t have to let you know who they are, you can just tell they are the ones in charge. That’s what this outfit gives off. Feminine power through simple and clean lines, so when you speak people listen.

  #7 This ASOS Curve white eyelet dress, is so sweet. It’s something I’d wear to summer bbq or the farmers market, add a bold hat and earrings to make it a whole vibe for your Instagram story.

 #8 I almost didn’t include this one, I don’t know how I feel about it, but I couldn’t stop looking at it. That’s gotta mean I like it right?
Tell me what you like or don’t like about it, I feel like if I wore this there would be questions like “What did you get up to last night?” And I wouldn’t answer.

   #9 Ok this skirt is two of my favorite things, visually interesting and easy to wear. Being a short person (I’m 5 feet tall) skirts are ALWAYS tripping me, so a sophisticated print skirt that won’t do that is 5/5 stars in my book.

   #10 So I have a confession, I don’t like rompers or jumpsuits. I know, I know Fashion heresy right? But I’m a practical chica and how am I supposed to pee? You want me to remove my WHOLE damn outfit to use the facilities? No, no sugar it don’t work like that. That being said if YOU do like jumpsuits this one is pretty cute and has a whole Palm Beach/Miami vibe.

   #11 So this is an I have a hot date dress no doubt, I mean look at the front detail, it’s literally styled like a present bow. So if you want to elicit some serious thirst from your bae, wear this. You’ll definitely make an impression.

   #12Ok so again I’m not a fan of clothes that make it harder to pee, but if you can somehow easily unsnap this, it would be worth the extra step because this deep v-neck couples with the bold but preppy cut makes it rotation worthy.

   #13 Torrid’s bomber jackets are always cute and I’ve never regretted a purchase. Torrid has gone through several evolutions over the years and I’m really appreciating their balance between fun club, or casual outfits and workplace worthy stuff.

  #14 This fireworks skirt is perfect for bbq or any summer dates where you want sparks to fly. For date night pair with a sleek minimalist cami top in a neutral color or a light blue. For the office or brunch with friends you could bust out some of those old polos we all still have from the early ‘00s.

  #15 These leggings are perfect for lounging around contemplating the universe or reading Chubby Girl in the World blog posts. Totally up to you. I ordered some other leggings from Modcloth and I was really happy with the quality and softness. These look much cooler though. 

There it is Lovelies everything that caught my fancy this week. Let me know what you think, did you find something you absolutely loved this week? Share it with us in the comments! Don’t want to ever miss a post? 
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Have a fun relaxing Sunday and remember to love yourself, love one another and figure out the rest.

-Mrs. Stefanie Hines aka CGINTW


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