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9 Dresses Perfect for Last Minute Travel

So you just booked a last minute summer getaway and now you need a few outfits to take with you. Enter the ever versatile dress. We’ve rounded up the best 16 dresses to take with you on a last minute vacay. So sit back grab some coffee and fall in love with these destination worthy threads.

This beautiful teal and ivory lace detail dress from is perfect for traveling in and arriving in style. It also doesn’t hurt that its currently on sale right now. Board the plane with this on and start imagining the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and how much fun you’re about to have.

This dress is perfect for running to catch your plane or just running down the beach, pair it with cute sandals or Keds, your choice.

Need to get down to business while on a working vacation? The wrap dress is effortlessly elegant and perfect for traveling the world. The contract piping creates just enough structure to frame your hips that don’t lie.

So I almost didn’t include this dress because I’m not a huge fan of the busy pattern, but vacation is a time to try new things and step out of our comfort zones. I’m not normally a fan of trapeze cut dresses either but here it seems to be done just right to be flattering.

This particular dress reminds me of something someone would wear to a tennis match, so if you’re on vacation with the in laws (or any other person you want to impress) and you want a more polished look for brunch this dress won’t let you down.

This dress with the forging neckline is perfect if you’ve got a more ample chest or maybe you’re just feeling flirty. The ultra feminine cut is perfect and because the hem is dipped on both front and back but has a higher thigh line, you won’t feel or look like you’re wearing a tent a real problem when you want a flowing feminine dress.

This is such a cute girls night out dress, wear this to grab cocktails or mocktails with your traveling buddies. Forget the heels and pair this with jeweled flip flops or minimalist sandals.

About  I’ve never ordered from this site; fair warning.
 Remember any time you’re purchasing clothing for a site you’re not familiar with do two things 1.) Take your measurements and use the site’s sizing guide. 2.) Use PayPal as your payment method so you won’t have any hassles if you need to return.

This dress is the perfect beach day dress, brightly colored, flows and asymmetric lines give it a definitely beach vibe. Get your hair braided on the beach, sip a mojito and read a trashy novel while forgetting all your worries.

So if you want to rule the resort you can’t beat this dress. The dipped hemline means no tripping over your skirt in the front. The green and white contrast compliment every skin tone and if you style it with bold jewelry and slicked back hair people will ask you for your autograph.
So you’re on vacation and you just met the most amazing local and now you have a hot date? Wear this number from to feel your most confident and leave him or her wondering how you look so fabulous all the time. I love the wrap front detail because it’s always flattering on most body types and the skirt is just short enough to be flirty without making me feel uncomfortably exposed. (That’s just me, if you like mini or micro dresses, then please tell the rest of us your bad ass secrets!)

That all for this week lovelies and I hope your Sunday is a Fun Day, may the new week bring your joy, great fashion and abundance! Don’t forget that fashion is an expression and I can’t wait to see your fashion finds. Send your OOTD’s to to be featured. If you’re a plus size model on Instagram follow @chubbygirlintheworld_official for a follow back and to showcase your portfolio!



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