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An Open Letter to Clothing Retailers: I’m a plus size lady and I’m mad as hell

To Whom it May Concern ( Old Navy, Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, etc.):

As a plus size woman I have been forced to purchase the majority of my clothes online for the past 15-20 years. This has resulted in ill fitting clothing that often couldn’t be returned easily, being forced to wear a color I didn’t order because it simply shipped incorrectly and my size in the color I ORIGNALLY ordered is out. (No notes by the way) and to top the proverbial cake: Recieving my package of clothes with item missing because they sold out faster than I could check out. (I’m looking at YOU Old Navy, I want my damn vegan leather moto jacket, right now! Promises were made! Promises were broken!) In Short we want things that are #instyleandinstore
In all seriousness not having the ability to try on clothes in store has a detrimental impact not only to consumers who would love to wear your products, but it also misses a great opportunity to boost your same store sales figures. Imagine cater…

I Shopped my closet for 3 looks! Here's your Sunday Style Guide-VLOG STYLE!

Let me know what you think about this video (my first time using Camtasia, if you couldn't tell by the watermark). I hope this help some of you Lovelies, entertains you all and teaches you to be as bold as you can.


Fast Fashion- Equalizer or Lawful Evil?

What  is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is the type of clothing you see at H&M, Forever 21, Old Navy, Zara,  Urban Outfitters where the clothing has a high turnover and isn’t made with heavy or what would normally be considered high quality fabrics. Many of us utilize these stores myself included (I swear by Old Navy’s plus size Rockstar jeans) but what is the true cost of our convenience and cost savings? You might be surprised.

It takes an inordinate amount of water and other resources to create just one t-shirt. 2,700 liters of water to be exact and 3 out of four garments will end up in landfills or be incinerated. (  Fast fashion factories are often located in countries with lax labor laws and many large names like Childrens Place and Walmart as well as others have been linked to sweatshops in third world countries that often allow child labor or even forced labor. 
This topic came to the forefront of the American consumer mind in 2013 when the Rana Plaza in Banglad…

Sunday Style Guide: Evening Wear Edition

This blazer dress from is a gorgeous Kelly green with a floral print that gently whispers feminine nothings into the air. I love that it kind of looks like a romper but itsn’t. Though I wouldn’t wear this to a glam gala I would wear it to a formal function that wasn’t black tie like say Portland Plus size fashion week coming up in Sept.

This amazing silk taffeta looking skirt is the perfect contrast to the intricate detailing of the darker bodice. It’s like the 1920’s and modern sewing gave birth to a classy masterpiece. You could wear this to any wedding, charity event or other fancy pants place and look effortlessly put together. Available at

Ok Now, we get to favorite favorite things! Things with SPARKLE!!!!!! This gorgeous gown in a deep blue shimmer is available at and it’s sort of a combo of a body con dress and a fit and flare. A Bodflare? Either way it’s beautiful, but one word of caution lovelies, you most likely will need to have formal wear ta…

Plus Size Clothing and size diversity- Epic failure or Natural Consequence?

So I get so annoyed when I see plus size clothing brands showcase clothing on non-plus size models. That isn't helpful to me in anyway. Athleta brand experienced a huge backlash against their very noticeable lack of plus size models for their plus size line, last summer. Why wouldn't brands want to showcase plus size models?

The answer is the very backwards idea that plus women want to imagine themselves as thin and don't want to be reminded of their size. So.... do brands like Athleta just want to pretend plus size women don't exist? They would prefer it yes, if you could kindly just thrown on whatever you think is your size, no need to see it on someone who actually looks like you.

The problem is that when EVERY brand tries to be "aspirational" (gag me with a spoon 😤) they forget that many plus size lines aren't even carried in stores, so actual representation of different body types makes a difference in someone's purchasing decision. So if retai…

Sunday Fashion Style Guide- Everything We Love this Week!

Happy Sunday Lovlies!

You made it all the way to Sunday! Grab your coffee☕️ tea 🍵or mimosa 🥂and let’s feast on the fashion we’ve curated for this week! You’ll notice some new designers this week. The one I’m fan girling over is Premme, Nicolette Mason a Plus size fashion blogger and icon is one of their founders. 

If you visit their site you’ll notice almost all their pieces are sold out! A bummer but this means people can’t get enough of them. You can also set up an email alert for when your fav pieces are back in stock.

 Also Ashley Nell Tipton, a name synonymous with high concept plus size fashion (and the winner of Project Runway Season 14) she is seriously playful with  some designs that are fire! Without further ado here is this weeks covetable clothes.

***Quick Note****

If you want to see behind the scenes footage of the making of Chubby Girl In the World, and the #realdeal of what it takes to create the looks, hair and fashion I post on Instagram (you'll also see all the not …

Why loving your body means not always accepting it.

Good Morning Lovlies!
This post is late due to some technical difficulties so I hope you’ll forgive me, now some context about the title. Wednesday posts are my time to get on my soapbox and yell into the void of the internet. Sundays are all about Fashion and fun, so if you’d rather not endure my opining and just want to see the weeks collections of clothes, come see me on Sunday morning. 
Trigger Warning: I’m going to talk about weight and weight loss, if you are currently being treated for disordered eating or another eating disorder please proceed with caution. If you are experiencing harmful thoughts about yourself or your weight please see out professional help immediately. You have intrinsic value and the world needs your sparkle don’t let anyone dull it.
I am NOT a proponent of fat shaming or shaming anyone into modifying their behavior. I do believe that the body/fat acceptance movements get a lot of things right for example people of all sizes should be treated with dignity and…

9 Dresses Perfect for Last Minute Travel

So you just booked a last minute summer getaway and now you need a few outfits to take with you. Enter the ever versatile dress. We’ve rounded up the best 16 dresses to take with you on a last minute vacay. So sit back grab some coffee and fall in love with these destination worthy threads.

This beautiful teal and ivory lace detail dress from is perfect for traveling in and arriving in style. It also doesn’t hurt that its currently on sale right now. Board the plane with this on and start imagining the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and how much fun you’re about to have.

This dress is perfect for running to catch your plane or just running down the beach, pair it with cute sandals or Keds, your choice.

Need to get down to business while on a working vacation? The wrap dress is effortlessly elegant and perfect for traveling the world. The contract piping creates just enough structure to frame your hips that don’t lie.

So I almost didn’t include this dress because I’m not a hu…