Weddings, Graduations, and Weight loss OH MY! Why CGITW has been on vacation for 4 YEARS!!! We baaaack!

So our last post was 6/18/2014. We just disappeared.... into the ether. For FOUR years!!

The truth is I never knew how many people we reached, how important this space was for so many. I thought it was just a vanity project. I was so wrong, an amazing number of your reached out over the years and I can't thank you enough for your encouragement and support. It's why I'm re-launching officially on August 1st, 2018. We'll be posting blogs every Wed. and Sunday!

 This blog began as me trying to find my voice in both fashion and romance. You came along with me on my journey to finding lasting love (I DID!, YAY!) and you were with me through the creepy dudes and the wardrobe changes.

 Life happened, Mr. Big and I moved to Oregon and we've been here for 7 years (OMG I'm getting older). We got engaged, we got married. I went back to school and earned my Bachelors degree. It was hard to work full time, go to school, plan a wedding and write. In other words I chickened out. I excused myself from writing by telling myself no one read my silly blog anyway. I convinced myself of my own unimportance, and in doing so I stole my own voice.
New Oreleans Baby!
All we do is Win no Matter what!

Gettin' down in weddin' town

When I got my acceptance letter to Oregon State University and Mr. Big took me to dinner and the beaver store!
A year of being vegan and 56 pounds down
Graduation! I did it!

Fashion and Dating advice are fun things; I said but in the end I'm not really doing any "serious" work. I can step away and no one will notice. So I let more and more time go by without writing or updating. Soon it was months, than a year, then I forgot my Twitter password. I took it as a "sign" that I should quit. I can tell you now that I think me four years ago is full of it.

I was scared of failing, if I walked away then I was in control. Those who know me know I'm a control freak; it's why I love writing, all the little pieces fall into place exactly...where you tell them to. If I walked away than it wasn't that my blog flopped, or that my content wasn't exciting enough, it was because I decided to. I was so scared fo failing I never even got started.

I'm here to tell you DON'T do that. Fail, fail over and over again until you find the formula that works for you. Never be afraid to try something just because you might not be great at it. Make sure you can take care of yourself and your family and after you've secured that, try everything you can to make your life the life you want and live your dream.

I can't ask you to forgive my abscense but I hope you understand, and more I hope you learn from all the things I did wrong so you don't have to.

-Stefanie Hines ('nee Gomez)


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