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Evolving Style- Becoming a Snooty Shopper

Remember that days when you would walk into Torrid or Lane Bryant and you wanted everything in the store? If you're over 25 this feeling may have passed. I can't remember the last time I just had to have something from either store. I walked into both yesterday and while there were one or two trend pieces like some cute flats at Torrid or a skirt with a leather panel at Lane Bryant they weren't pieces I absolutely had to have.

Call me old fashioned but if I'm going to invest over 50 bucks for a skirt (yikes!) then it better stand the test of time and weather the fashion trends. It's strange I feel like I've grown out of my "young" style and into a more "twenty-thirty" style. I'm not as bedazzled by rhinestones I used to be I guess. I want clothes I can wear to work and not look 1.) ridiculous or 2.) frumpy in.

So many of the these companies cater to the young teenager crowd, Fashion Bug, Loop 18 but many of these companies have forgotten that plus size women do not immediately morph out of adolescence and into senior citizens. I've heard a lot of women right in my demographic 25-35 who feel the same way, having to walk that line between fashion forward and office appropriate without looking like your goth cousin one day and your grandma the next so what to do? Here are some ideas for your real grown up life situations, like work, work functions or meeting that very handsome, very grown up man you met at your last networking event.

From $98 well worth the investment works years round and can be dresses up or down with accessories.

Jacket is PERFECT for going from office to happy hour, to transition just add a metallic accessory like a clutch or a chunky bracelet.

Ultimate LBD for cocktail parties, dates or work events, you won't look like every other woman in the room, the subtle femininity of this dress will tell the world you're not afraid your woman hood and that you have fantastic taste.

Tired of black but have a presentation? I actually own this obi belted dress by Lane Bryant, the material is heavy so not for use during the summer but a perfect dress to wear when it gets a bit chilly. The turquoise top half  flatters every skin tone.

Beautiful sheath dress by JC and only $24! available up to size22 If you're lighter skinned use this as "golden goddess" dress. If you've got more of an olive complexion let this dress compliment your awesome natural tan and go slightly darker with your eye make the contrast will be electrifying.

Need Some drama in your life but don't want to go the whole Jerry Springer route to get it? Just add some red accessories! Achieve the look with red gloves, tights, a bright piece of enamel jewelry or even a bright red cocktail ring, WARNING do not use more than two at time!

Well my lovelies I hope that helps you get back into your fabulous swing this week, let me know if you found these hints helpful and what you'd like to hear about.
love always,


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