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How to take a staple piece from day to night

So in this economy everyone from the very wealthy to the not so financially blessed (moi) are looking to save what they can where they can. Which means not as many shopping sprees as we would like, but it is exciting to re-purpose a few staple pieces and turn them into an entire new wardrobe with the help of accessories and who doesn't love those? Here is how I turned one Lane Bryant skirt with bandage detail into an office worthy shirt dress and a chic clubbing outfit.
Here I've added a obi belt shirt also by Lane Bryant over the skirt, which on my 5 foot frame as been re-purposed as a tube dress. Shoes by Avenue. The accessories I've kept minimal for a chic office look, the heels chunky very on trend for fall as well as the oxblood color. Necklace is glass beans in a blue/purple/green hue to add some color. The trick to this outfit is using the shirt to give the skirt turned tube dress shape, pull it in even tighter and create more of an hour glass.     
Here all I've done is add a basic black jacket from Fashion Bug, a Statement necklace from Forever21 and fire engine red heels from Nine West. Perfect party/cocktail outfit. I've also changed into a deeper red lip to match the shoes just because I like the effect but a burnt orange or a bright pink would work just as well. The key is to make sure the tube dress is always being nipped in at the waist or just below the bust to ensure shape.

So see lovelies, all you have to do is find what works for you, take what you got, make it work and above all have fun with fashion, that's what it's there for.


  1. Love the looks! Super cute. mY FAVORITE is the one on the bottom. And Im in love with the red shoes! You killed this look! I wish I was near a fashion bug, Im in California, and can't find!


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