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High end fashion for all let the revolution begin!

I once read in an LA times article some dunderhead design student say that "high fashion is for the elite, the nobility not the everday person and that's why designers are hesitant to create plus size coture..." The person went on to say that the human body is basically a bunch of lines and curves and for curvier people that's even more true, but it doesn't just stop there; in design school designers are taught to create garments based on an unrealistic and exaggerated body models that are impossibly tall and thin, which is why so many designer fashions look great on the runway terrible on real people. I call bullshit.

Fashion was once the domain of the elite, there was a time in certain countries when you could be killed for wearing the color purple, the color of royalty if you were not in fact a member of the royal family. Today though, fashion is accessible to everyone across the globe, it has become a personal statement and wearable art all in one. For me, fashion is a way to showcase how feminine features are strong features and not separate from one another.

I've long looked online for a true high fashion designers who cater to plus size women (FYI: The Nobility of old was plus size) and was delighted to find three who not only meet the expectations of fit, fun and fearless but exceed them with incredible artistry. These designers below decided that just because the fashion industry has gone stark raving mad doesn't mean the rest us did. As a plus size woman my money is just as green as anyone else's and I'm more than willing to pay a little extra for something beautiful and well made, perhaps the larger design houses should stand up and take note, there is a revolution going on and you either get on or get left behind.

Here I've shared some key pieces I think are exceptional, feel free to send in your suggestions to

You can find a gorgeous italian strech wool dress in siren red at this link by Bell Rene, one of my new favorite designers at this link.!store/productsstackergalleryv20=2

Savanah Red is an upeat, eco friendly and amazinly beautiful design house out of Austin, Texas view the entire collection at here is a gorgeous white and yellow peplum dress we've features before but it continues to be one of the best I've seen
Savannah Red-yellow and white peplum absolute perfection
Watch the Savannah Red Show at Full Figured Fashion week here: has become synomous with high fashion in the plus size world, and though pricey every piece I've ever seen has been well made and made to last. The artistry and construction are truly stellar.
Renanta dress in teal, notice the gorgeous ruching and lines in front.

Until next time lovlies,


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