Falls Pants Parade

According to the June issue of Vogue pants are going to be all the rage this season with Miuuca Prada herself saying dresses have become "too trendy". I'm not really sure what that means because I wear what I like and be done with it, however I'm very excited about the return of the trousers, the parade of pants, the plethora of pantaloons.

This fall everything from skinny crops, to wide leg structured and diaphanous are all fair game. Here are some amazing plus size pants I found at Onestopplus.com

wide leg viscose pants, onestopplus.com

Light linen blend pants Onestopplus.com

Speckled capri pants onestopplus.com

Glam trim pink pants onestopplus.com

Layfayte 148 sateen cotton pants $298 onestopplus.com


  1. love the linen blend. i'm already a big slacks and pants fan because i live in a chilly climate. either that or tights, tights, tights.
    kw, ladiesinnavy


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