Thursday, June 28, 2012

High end fashion for all let the revolution begin!

I once read in an LA times article some dunderhead design student say that "high fashion is for the elite, the nobility not the everday person and that's why designers are hesitant to create plus size coture..." The person went on to say that the human body is basically a bunch of lines and curves and for curvier people that's even more true, but it doesn't just stop there; in design school designers are taught to create garments based on an unrealistic and exaggerated body models that are impossibly tall and thin, which is why so many designer fashions look great on the runway terrible on real people. I call bullshit.

Fashion was once the domain of the elite, there was a time in certain countries when you could be killed for wearing the color purple, the color of royalty if you were not in fact a member of the royal family. Today though, fashion is accessible to everyone across the globe, it has become a personal statement and wearable art all in one. For me, fashion is a way to showcase how feminine features are strong features and not separate from one another.

I've long looked online for a true high fashion designers who cater to plus size women (FYI: The Nobility of old was plus size) and was delighted to find three who not only meet the expectations of fit, fun and fearless but exceed them with incredible artistry. These designers below decided that just because the fashion industry has gone stark raving mad doesn't mean the rest us did. As a plus size woman my money is just as green as anyone else's and I'm more than willing to pay a little extra for something beautiful and well made, perhaps the larger design houses should stand up and take note, there is a revolution going on and you either get on or get left behind.

Here I've shared some key pieces I think are exceptional, feel free to send in your suggestions to

You can find a gorgeous italian strech wool dress in siren red at this link by Bell Rene, one of my new favorite designers at this link.!store/productsstackergalleryv20=2

Savanah Red is an upeat, eco friendly and amazinly beautiful design house out of Austin, Texas view the entire collection at here is a gorgeous white and yellow peplum dress we've features before but it continues to be one of the best I've seen
Savannah Red-yellow and white peplum absolute perfection
Watch the Savannah Red Show at Full Figured Fashion week here: has become synomous with high fashion in the plus size world, and though pricey every piece I've ever seen has been well made and made to last. The artistry and construction are truly stellar.
Renanta dress in teal, notice the gorgeous ruching and lines in front.

Until next time lovlies,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's on Saturday Night

Who wouldn't want the glamourous life of Holly Golightly, strolling down 5th avenue with pearls, a little black dress and a french twist and famous NYC coffee for breakfast, all while admiring the wares of Tiffany's from the window, so close but yet so far. Last night I watched the film based on the famous Capote novel and wondered if aside from the coture and waist size, is Miss Golightly and I were so very different.

Before I met Big, I had my own share of rats and superrats as she calls them, men who believed that any amount of generosity shown, entitled them to bedsport. My mistake was believing it as well, believing that any amount of attention showed to me earned someone a say in where I slept that night, because I had such a hard time believing any one at all could find me the least bit attractive.

Unlike Ms. Golightly I never schemed or plotted on which rich man I would marry, in fact I fully believed that most rich men (most men really) would find me repulsive, because I wasn't Audrey skinny, I wasn't refined or graceful. I was a clumsy, chubby, nerdy for Harry Potter beast in my head, but I would have given anything back then to be Holly, to be invited to those glamourous parties, to be swooned over if even by super rats.

Due to my lack of glamour, I was forced to obtain skills. I worked hard, saved money and lived completely indepedently. It was a feeling of freedom I'd never experienced before, I answered to no one. Then something very surprising came along, the glamour I'd so been missing before, the "specialness" I'd longed for as an adolscent seemed to take on its own life inside of me. All of a sudden wearing an $200 pair of shoes didn't seem ridiculous, it was a fashion investment. (I still have those fire engine red Nine West pumps).

As much as I covet Ms. Golightly's wardrobe, I think I'll keep my life. The glamour and the parties and the mobsters all seem alluring at first look, until you realize that even at the end she's waiting to be rescued by someone, waiting for someone else to point out what she should want. As much as I love the movie and even the idea of having breakfast at Tiffany's, I could never imagine waiting around to be rescued from myself. Better to have that moment of self discovery on your own, better to shed off the confines of your situation and then run into the arms of your lover, fresh and freed.

 To all the Holly Golightlys of the world, I wish you peace, happiness and the bravery to free yourself from anything you want to.

Until next time lovlies,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lipstick Confidential

So I'm sitting at the bus stop waiting for Big to pick me up for lunch and I notice three very different women all applying and reapplying lipstick. All three are different ages, social backgrounds and ethnicities.

It occurred to me that lipstick is a universal act of feminity. It is not necessary or even the kind of make up that one would use to conceal a blemish, it is solely decorative a pronouncement of ones womaness.

One woman wearing a business suit wears bright red, power color, war paint to do battle in her next board room blitzkrieg, the teenager with the MAC Rebel purple finding her identity and flouting convention. Then there is the woman a little older who wears a polo shirt and khakis, on her way to a job at a fast food joint, her lips painted with a brush from a Mary Kay compact with a pretty almost neutral pink.

She does this with care, exactness because she is from a time when people dressed up to go grocery shopping, traveling and church. She is from an era of grace, manners and polite conversation and she brings a little of her world back with each brush stroke.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Falls Pants Parade

According to the June issue of Vogue pants are going to be all the rage this season with Miuuca Prada herself saying dresses have become "too trendy". I'm not really sure what that means because I wear what I like and be done with it, however I'm very excited about the return of the trousers, the parade of pants, the plethora of pantaloons.

This fall everything from skinny crops, to wide leg structured and diaphanous are all fair game. Here are some amazing plus size pants I found at

wide leg viscose pants,

Light linen blend pants

Speckled capri pants

Glam trim pink pants

Layfayte 148 sateen cotton pants $298

Monday, June 18, 2012

The magic of the Fab Five (or Twenty)

Why you should hang out with the Fab Five (or Twenty)

According to motivational speaker Jim Rohn who has spent a lifetime helping people build businesses and inspiring others to reach higher you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. It does makes sense when you think about it in terms of cliques in high school, the jocks and cheerleaders in comparison to the drama club or chess team, it’s not that these groups exist solely outside of one another or that there is no inter-group mingling but birds of a feather do tend to flock together.

AVID which stands for “Advancement Via Individual Determination” was started in 1980 but the head of an English department in San Diego, Mary Catherine Swanson. AVID was initially begun to help the underserved students of color who were integrating into a competitive school from school systems which were not as well-structured or effective. It has continued to grow and serve at risk students who showed promise in some area of academics but may have had trouble in others, like math or reading. The goal being to serve underprivileged or underserved students and help them achieve acceptance to a four year university and beyond. They achieve this by carving out time in the student’s day to devote solely to AVID activities. The main idea of the program is to empower students through advanced learning techniques, additional tutoring and fostering a love of learning.

When I was in high school I was moved into the A.V.I.D. program, it was a college preparatory elective that was more than just a study hall. AVID was a place where all those previously mentions groups, the jocks, the cheerleaders, drama club queens and even computer enthusiasts were not only welcome but supported in their endeavors both inside and outside the classroom, it was a place where people believed in you and your dreams. It was in this program that I learned my love of writing, where people encouraged me to read articles that reached beyond my tiny world of shopping malls and Slurpee’s. My instructor would bring in National Geographic, Vogue and Time magazine and I would devour every word, yearning to get out there, into the thick of it; the real world.

A time and place that made it okay to be excited about something, instead of relying on the adolescent apathy which had become the fall back for so many of us, and the feeling was catching! One person would tell us about her dream to become a dancer, so the rest of us brought in pictures, videos and even advertisements for dance schools that offered free lessons for a time. It was a group that was filled with positive, caring individuals who all had their own idea of success and wanted to see everyone around them get there too.

I don’t know if she ever became a dancer or if anyone in our AVID group ever made it to their final destinations. What I can be sure of is that there are twenty other people cheering them on, no matter where they are in their journey, how far they’ve come or how far they’ve yet to go; we are behind them. Everyone should have their Fab Five, those people who help you build the ladder to your cloud nine, or at least help you find the directions.
Until next time my lovlies,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer dress throw down! Max vs. Cut out vs high low Oh My!

So there are some trends going on this summer which I've steered clear of, one of them being the "High Low" dress trend, mostly because this would mean revealing any upper leg which at this point I'm not prepared to do, however for those braver than I and those looking for fashion foward way to wear this seasons hottest new dresses I've scoured the net for advice, pics and some the cutest dresses from You can find each dress on their website from $34-40.

The Original Maxi

The original summer staple in a bold colorful print. Meant to be worn with beachy hair and bangles. We fell in love with Maxi dresses because they are so easy to wear, but solids can sometimes feel like too much or can fall flat, with bold prints and patterns in this seasons Maxi's you can go from shopping to strutting you stuff on the beach bar dance floor, just switch up the acessorie to go from day to night! Bangles only during the day to keep it simply and at night just add a simple gold necklace or hoops. You're set to party like a rockstar on vacay.
The "Pop Star"
This dress gives instant shape by creating the "V" in the bottom of the dress and giving coverage to the arms
without covering them up, the body hugging fit for this dress creates beautiful curves.
The Hi-Low
This is the much adored and equalled feared hi-lo maxi dress. This one hits just right above the knee
so it's perfect for leg flashing phobics like myself. The top is contructed with a great empire diadem waist.
The color blocking is a beautiful combination of blues thats' remiscent of the ocean.

The moral of the story is that no matter what trends are going on in the non-stop world of fashion, you have to do what makes you comfortable. If something just doesn't work for you and you're uncomfortable no matter how trendy it is, your unease will translate into your posture, you speech and your attitude. Remember the whole point of fashion is to make you feel beautiful, the perfect outfit can give you confidence, bring out the fierceness in you and make you feel like you can conquer the world. Just remember fashion is about how things make you feel and not about how someone says you should. Until next time lovelies,


Friday, June 15, 2012

Plus Size beauty Meghan Tonjes: awesome new music video and inspiring message

Plus Size Songstress and beautiful woman Meghan Tonjes rocks our world:

Meghan Tonjes recently started following me on Twitter (yeah!) and when I saw the official music video for "This Year" an inspirational girl power anthem which lifts the soul and feeds it hope all without being cheesy or out dated, no cliche's here.

 Tonjes manages to find our heart strings and skillfully play her cheerful melodies with them. The video itself though, simple is a hearken back to when music videos were about music, they told a story they meant something and related to our everyday lives.

 In a world of meaningless lyrics about parties, leer jets and other unobtainable goods of the 1% ers Tonjes focuses on the universal topic of love, life and inner strength. She manages to reject all that is unnecessary about the music industry while remaining all inclusive, her positivity is catching and I can only hope that we see much more of her. You can check her out here: Meghan Tonjes - 'This Year' OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:

Until later my lovelies,

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Secret Woman Tax? Help End Price Discrimination in the US

Have you ever noticed how much more we pay for clothes, shampoo and almost every thing than our male counter parts? I was in a major retail store yesterday and both Big and I were looking for shaving supplies and lotion. His lotion, razors and shaving cream were at least $2-3 less expensive than anything I had in my basket, what the hell right?

So I did some poking around on the internets, and it turns out almost everything from deoderant to jeans we pay more as women. According to this is what's know as "Third Degree price discrimination", the charging of different prices based on different consumer groups.

Companies spend millions every year on finding out how much people are willing to pay for certain products or services. Basically as women we pay more because we must, almost all of our consumable products cost anywhere from 10-14% more than men and it's completely legal according to Uncle Sam.

 According to an article in Marie Claire: California, which in 1996 became the first state to ban gender pricing, found that women paid about $1,351 annually in extra costs and fees. Apply that figure to the rest of the women in the country and the total burden is staggering — roughly $151 billion in markups, more than what the federal government spent on education last year and greater than the budgets of 43 states.
Read more: Sex Discrimination and Gender Bias - Why Do Women Pay More Than Men - Marie Claire

 Marketing companies find out how much we are willing to pay for items and then report their finding to the company producing certain kinds of products like hair acessories or jeans. Based on test groups, market research and consumer behavior reports, women are forced to spend more on comparable items than men.

But is this because women just don't care how much we spend? We know this isn't true, everyone in the country and around the world has had to adjust in this new economy, so why is it okay for your salon to charge $8 for a trim for a man and you $12 just because you're a woman? Can it really be that different?

 Help end the Tax on Women, right to your Senator or Congress person today, a list is available by state at

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I need a ring but say I don't-My feminist dilemma

Make sure to check out Full Figured Magazine for my articles about how to spot a Feeder and The Coat Hanger Friend 

Why I need a ring and I say I don't:

Big and I have been dating for over two years now, we've moved in together after living in different cities.  I moved a whole state north, the landscape is beautiful and the rain constant in Oregon.  I made a huge commitment and took a big risk leaving my job, my family and support system. I truly thought that I would be okay with all of these risks, but something is bothering me... I still don't have the ring.

The feminist part of me wrestles with this thought, I shouldn't need this, I'm above needing such materialistic proclaimations of love and devotion, someone showing me they care, loving me, and supporting my goals and visions should be enough shouldn't? I feel guilty for wanting the sparkling rock that many of my fellow Millenials view as unimportant or even a throw back. Being committed to someone doesn't have to mean  wedding bells. It's true that marriage has become more of a marketing sector than a rite of passage. So why do I feel like I need that Cinderella moment so badly?

My mother always told me to never depend on a man. Good advice no matter what, but I think this particular advice stemmed from the betrayal she experienced in her first marriage. She is the kind of person who keeps her promises, does everything in her power to succeed and is one of the strongest people I know, which is why the betrayal was so deep when her first husband and my biogical father left our family.

She had made the promise, said the words, took her vows seriously and done what she'd always wanted to do, start a family; never had she expected to have to do it alone. She spent years proving how strong a single mom has to be and I will always remember what kind of sacrifice that took on her part and she will always be an angel to me.

I think my need for validation as a woman is tied up in the traditional progression of a relationship, if my relationship is not progresssing at the "acceptable" rate, then there must be something terribly wrong with me right? Even though I know this to be untrue intellectually, the scars of being abandonded at such a young age, I think have mainfested themselves in bad relationship choices in the past and my need for the validation now.

Somehow I feel as if the person I've been with for over two years isn't ready to make a life long decision, then there is something lacking in me, it must be a fault within me. That ring, as terrible as it sounds is my emotional security, the physical manifestation of love and scarfice on his part that validates me. The added conundrum is that I have always believed in controlling your own destiny, taking charge of your life, but in this case I want to be wanted, I don't want to prod or push someone into what should be the most romantic decision of your life. As badly as I want to hear the bells, I can't help but wonder if maybe I'm letting other people shape how I view my relationship.

I feel guilty needing this kind of traditional committment, especially when I have someone who is already so very committed to my dreams and aspirations, someone willing to put their behind on the line for me.Truth is I know the ring isn't what makes my relationship successful, we laugh, we love and we support one another and in the end bling or no bling, that's what matters.

-Until next lovlies,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Street Chic-Working women!

Shout out to lovley ladies of Wilsonville, Oregon Denny's ! Big and I woke up early on Saturday morning and worked out, then we went to Denny's for all you can eat pancakes! Every single server there was warm, friendly and helpful we were so surprised in California you're lucky if your server ever looks in your direction! Loving Oregon!

I spotted the beautiful Lisa wearing cute shell pink eye shadow with kohl liner and perfect mascara, proof that you can be fabulous at work even if you do have to wear a uniform, but Lisa's best make up secret? Her gorgeous smile! Thanks Lisa for being Street Chic of the week!

Until next time lovlies!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cute work out clothes and why you NEED them $12 Pink Capri
So Big and I went to work out this morning, I put on my crummiest sweats a baseball tee and schlepped down to the gym our apartment complex has. I felt so frumpy and depressed, about the weight I've gained back. There were mirrors everywhere to check your form, but to me it was like every reflection was whispering a criticism: "You're lazy" "You're worthless" "You're never going to make it." All those voices we all here in our heads got louder and louder. I wanted to cry looking at my now much flabbier figure and what's worse is I had worn the most depressing outfit I could which is completely not my style. So I decided that was the last time I would ever feel that way.

There will be those among you who tell you it doesn't matter what you wear to the gym so long as you go, that might be true for the truely brave or the truly fashioned challenged however you are a fabulous full figured fashionista who demands the very best from not only her work and weekend wardrobe but from her active wear as well. You look good no matter where you go or what you're doing. I understand the need to need to look put together even when you're busting out a wicked sweat on the elliptical, and you don't want to pay a whole bunch for the cute stuff, understood. No more all black or white gym outfits for us!

Working out is supposed to feel good, and we know that we you look good you feel better. What better way to motivate yourself to train for that 5k or even 10k this year?  Tell all those negative voices to shut the hell up;slap on your trainers and run to the mall to pick up some the season's cutest active wear, this summer it's all about color and fun prints. Designer is always nice but in today's economy, there are some great deals for under $30, here they are:

Show off your determination to all our
fellow gym rats
Padded molded sports bra
$24.95, come in white too.
super cute set of cinch tank, molded bra
and compression pants around  $24.95-30 per piece. $15 show off your running man

$27 JC

Make sure you stick to bold colors when colorblocking, pastels on pastels no bueno for work out wear. Think sexy meets sporty, meaning bold confident colors. Rock killer duds while killing your work out, pair sexy work out gear with your best dance mix and see the calories burned rack up. Working out isn't about just looking good, it's about feeling as fierce as possible in all areas of your life, when you're body is strong and in balance, your mind will be able to tackle anything the world throws at you.

Rock on lovlies, see you in the gym!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Fashionable Summer Attire for travelling!

Daisy Fuentes shirt dress
Love the print on this dress.
Just because you may have to catch a
6 am flight to your Carribean vacay doesn't mean you have to board the plane in anything less than fierce fashion.

I've made it easy for you in today's post, you can have comfort and coture. Rock the seasons latest looks and remeber Coco Chanel's famous words:

 “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”  

So whether you are off onto a hot beach for cocktails or to a hot headed boardroom meeting this summer,
here are some figure flattering trends for everyone. Behold!

Color Block Jumpsuit - Inside Leg 30in
Look unapologetically sexy in this two tone jumpsut from $105 pricey but think investment piece.

Cut Out Tunic - Length from 33in
perfect cut out tunic, you'll be covered enough to
not be cold on airplane but showing just enough skin to look cute
 while chatting up a cute pilot at Starbucks. Pair with dark wash
or black bottoms to keep it casual but polished.


Don't forget the strappy pink heels with this one!

Beautiful Calvin Klein turquoise blouson dress
perfect, comfy and chic.

Until next time lovlies,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On the Oregon Trail my adventures into the wild green yonder and what I wore

Big and I have moved to Wilsonville, Oregon a city in Northern Oregon about 20 minutes outside of Portland, we moved here because he got an awesome opportunity in his career if he relocated. My day job had already reached it's maximum potential and we had been talking about me taking some time off for writing and starting our business venture together so everything came together at just the right moment in time.

Putting on my Betsy Johnson inspired discount T-shirt and best travelling pants;I packed up all my coture, all my casual and all my killer heels of course and we drove and then drove and then drove some more. Stopping in Canyonville, OR for a Buffalo burger we finally got a break from driving, I noticed as soon as we got over the state line how much I stood out. I'm Mexican, Italian and Japanese, so there's no hiding my non caucasianess. Growing up in California I kind of always just melted into all the other melting rainbows, here I'm like a bright beacon of ethnicness, which is kind of awesome, it's nice to be special I guess.

But sticking out in a crowd has never been an issue for me, I'm 5 feet and over 200 pounds, people notice me for good or bad. The real issue I'm having right now is trying to find my groove, Big goes to work every morning and all our roomates work with him so the apartment is empty from 7 in the morning until about 7 a night and I am left with my I'm going crazy. I've worked my whole adult life, I've never not had a job for more than a month or two, now I work for myself.

But who I am without a paycheck? I feel like I'm a Marc Jacobs dress in a closet full of Miu Miu, it's nice but not quite the same. I offered to do the cooking just so I could feel useful and because it just made sense since I'm home. This fish out of water feeling is new to me, I don't know how long it will last but I'm pretty sure a Martha Stewart catalog is not in my future.

What about you lovlies, have you ever felt like you didn't belong? Why? What did you do to help yourself feel better? Tell me in the comments below or send your thoughts to

Until next time,