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The Wall of Shame-Outfits not even a mother could love

In honor of Mother's Day we salute all the loving, caring compassionate women who
have raised us, taught us to be fierce, confident women. We have scoured the internet and what would
Mother's Day without a little guilt trip, only this time it's for the designers who dared to try and make us wear these...

I love the rainforest as much as the next girl but
this is a nightmare.

JMS Island Tropical Campshirt
One Step Away from a Moo-moo

JMS Short Sleeve Jersey Shirred Waist Dress
This was cute, when we were 8 and still needed the extra
room inour jumpers to
play on the monkey bars.
Metallic leggings are ok
but NOT when they look like
saran wrap that has been spray painted.
This dress doesn't know if it's an ostrich
a lepoard or what the heck it is, just no.


  1. LOL at the caption on those metallic leggings! :D

  2. This is good ol fashion common sense!! Love it.


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