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My new girl crush is on Domino Dollhouse and Skorch magazine!

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My new obsessionions Skorch Magazine and Domino Dollhouse!
So a google search for "plus size magazine" turned up these two gems! Skorch magazine is run by the beautiful and talented Jessica Kane who also writes her own fashion blog the lifeandstyleofjessica, which is awesome as well. While browsing through the Skorch website, I found tons of style tips, awesome videos and all kinds of unimaginable good links to get clothes in my size! I've never heard of most of those retailers but I am so glad I did, it was like a Pandora of plus size stores, some how they knew exactly what I wanted! Then I found the Pièce de résistance Domino Dollhouse
You Can't imagine how thrilled I was when I saw first the absolute fantastic construction and cut of these pieces, they are not just enlarged from "straight size" fit models, but actually are cut to fit curvier figures. Skorch not only has an amazing website, but their actualy digital publication is beautifully crafted and they use a service called issuu to distribute, you can view it from a link on, the celebrity editor at large is Rosie Mercado, beautiful cover girl of Full Figured Fashion week and absolutely fabulous human being and make up artist, she does all her own! You must check it out. I love Vogue, Cosomo and Elle as much as the next girl, but I'm always wondering in those mags, how do I make that work for me? Where the heck will I find it and how the heck am I gonna get it without spending my entire paycheck? Skorch answers most of those questions, and Jessica Kane started as a Torrid shop girl, I say hats off to Jessica and the Skorch crew for giving girls who aren't Prada sized a beautiful work of art, showcasing that beauty and style come in ever size.
Until later my lovelies!


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