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Forever 21 has plus sizes online(yea!) and why I don't do fake Prada

Supermank tank
Forever 21 long held to be the domain of the uber skinny hipster folks now has plus sizes on their website from 1-3x. They have everything from sweaters, to teeshirts, to skirts and jeans and similarly if not slightly higher prices than their smaller counterparts. This could be answer to so many plus size wishes for affordable and adorable clothes! Sadly the bottoms are
much too small for yours truly but I have high hopes for the rest of you!

We have been seeing this trend in many retailers lately, offering limited plus sizes like, (The Limited's plus size site) and even major designers like Michael Kors or Calvin Klien have clothes available up to 3x in most styles.

Regal top
In this economic climate companies can no longer afford to ignore a plus size market dying for attention, it is time someone catered to us, took us seriously and stop trying to relegate "plus size" to a four letter word. There will always be for whatever reason a market for people who need larger sizes than runway models, who knew right? Now if only Prada and Dior would catch on, a girl can dream right?

Why I don't do fake Prada/Dior/Designer bags

So I had a bit of disposable income yesterday after I paid my car note (amazing right?) So I decided to head over to the cool thrift shop next door, I immediately went for the designer rack they hide in the back of the jewelry case, I've been on the hunt for a nice white spring purse since October. They had a nice Louis Vuitton but upon inspection too many flaws for the $40 asking price, I made the sales lady (who I'm pretty sure was in recovery, good for her) show me every single bag on those five racks whilst I inspected them. Nada, nothing, zip.

Disheartened I wandered the store and looked through shoes, accessories etc again nothing caught my eye. I was just about to completely give up when I noticed a non guarded rack of purses, there was croc, leather, even a geniune Tingenello cross body pretty but not really me. Then in the very very back was the holy grail a nude croc Prada in perfect condition for $8.99?? This couldn't be right, yes the bag was from three seasons ago but even then it  should be with it's cousin Louis behind guarded glass surely. I did my once over of the outside of the bag, all seemed ok, then I peeked inside, my heart sank. There it was staring me in the face a little white tag that said
 "Made in China" it was like an arrow through the heart. I put it back and walked out so I wouldn't be tempted.

Why not you ask? No one would know, no one would care you say. All this is true and if I was 18 or 21 and just starting out in life I probably would have because it would have just been a pretty thing on my arm but I'm 27 have a good job and a steady salary and for the first time in my life full coverage on my financed nice car. Now, being able to buy a Prada or Michael Kors or any other designer means something different to me, it's not just about the bag but what it means for me.  Being able to purchase what is seemingly frivioulous bag to me means that I've arrived at a certain place in my life, that I'm finally grown up enough to pay for the things I need, save for the things I want and smart enough to know the difference.

Until next time lovlies


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