Flaunt your stuff with plus size lingerie

Don't let your size determine your style
Open Bust Chemise-hipsandcurves.com
I know how hard it is to be reminded every day and every time you go shopping that you are not "normal" sized. Everything from t-shirts to skirts to skiivies must be purchased at a "specialty" store which is what the snarky lady behind the "normal" store counter always tells you when you ask if they have plus sizes knowing that the odds are against you. Trying to find sexy lingerie or even cute undies is always a chore, so I've done some field work for you and I found some well made, not too expensive styles which come in up to a size 6x (warning, 6x in lingerie world means 26/28 dress size) Without further ado, the latest from Hips and Curves.com., who were featured in the famous Vogue Italia cover with plus size models.
Sweet and sexy edwardian short set hipsandcurves.com

Back lace up garter corset

Beautiful lace and stretch chemise, goes great with some of the skirts

Give your ego a huge boost with these adorable undies

No Granny panties for us! these will wake up any diva!

Don't let your size determine your style or your life, you are sexy, confident and oh so amazing, and not even the snarky lady can change that. Remeber that your size doesn't define you, it's just something you fit into right now, and some day that might change if you want it to, you are in control of your own life, your relationships, your happiness and even though it seems like a small thing, give a woman the right pair of underwear and some heels and no matter what size she is, she can rule the world. Long live the Queens!
Until next time,
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