Thursday, May 31, 2012

How Beauty and Fashion Saved my life and lead me to true love

Bloody, broken and alone three years ago that's what I was; laying in a hospital bed waiting to be discharged. I had been in an abusive relationship off and on with someone who definitely didn't respect me or value me and I continued going back because I believed every word of hatred that spewed from his mouth. What he didn't realize was that every name he called me or insult he'd thrown at me I had already done to myself, it was like the demons in my head had come to life only this time they were violent, dangerous and sadistic.

It was all over, two years of on and off torture done, just like that. I had finally made that step and called the police, it cost me a crushed larynx, a bloody nose and a black eye to get help. As he choked me I could hear the sirens in the background coming and I remember thinking. "They're too late." I thought I was going to die, I was numb, but something held on, something scratched and clawed it's way out of his grip, something I hadn't felt for a long time, me.

When the police got there, he had already run off like a coward. I was on the floor, the 911 operator still trying to get me to respond but I couldn't, I didn't have anything left, I had fallen too far. They put me in the back of the ambulance and soon I was gone, in the dark floating. When I woke up everything seemed so bright, almost too much everything seemed harsh. A nurse came in to take my blood pressure and when she was done I got up to use the rest room. I didn't try to talk or even make eye contact with the woman sharing my room.

 As I looked back at woman in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself, this woman was weak, she was disgusting, she was stupid and easily manipulated. I hated her, I hated her bruises, her scars, I hated to vacant expression on her face, the utter lack of will, no fire left. When I realized she was me, I broke down, how could I face anyone looking like this? I cried until I puked. It was like he was poison and I had to get it out of my system some how.

The same nurse came back later with my discharge papers, I didn't say anything to her. I simply signed where she told me to. She asked me if I wanted her to try and cover up some of the injuries on my face, that she had some makeup in her bag. At first I didn't understand and I just nodded my head out of habit. When she came back she had an entire make up artists bag with her, turns out she was paying her way through medical school while being a beautitian on the side. We didn't exchange a single word, I just let her work and she just let me be. Twenty minutes later when she held up the mirror, the other woman was gone.

You would never know I had just been through a life altering ordeal, I looked...normal again. Not just not banged up but I looked like someone just going shopping or to the grocery store. It was like magic.I never knew her name and she never gave it, to this day I think she was an angel. It took makeup to make me realize that the real me was always there, under the scars and the pain and the blood. That day something clicked, the part of me that doesn't take bull shit, that lives life out loud and proud, that takes no prisoners was born. I started wearing better clothes, shoes and even underwear. Nothing was too good or too bold.

A year later I reconnected with Mr. Big, I call him that because he is the biggest relationship I have ever had, spanning time zones, cities and even other people. It was Big who would become the love of my life, the inspiration for this blog and my partner in everything. Without that day in the hospital I might have let myself go back to my nightmare, I might have settled from the numbness of existing but because someone cared enough to remind me of how beautiful I am to them as a human being, I decided to settle for nothing less than living my dream.
-Chubby Girl In The World

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Brand New Street Chic! Reader Cherise does summer looks right!

New Street Chic! Where we find real life fashionistas out and about looking fabulous, if we find you and feature you, you win beauty swag!

We caugh lovely reader Charrisse at work looing summer sensational in dark cuffed shorts with a nice nude and metallic print short sleeve shirt, her hoop earrings and golden hued make up are totally on trend and very flattering to all skin tones. This is a perfect summer work look, pair this look with the seasons hottest sandals like Charrisse did (not in photo) and you can't go wrong. Charrisse we salute you!

Get Charrisse's look:

Lauren Ralph Lauren <em>Plus Size Metallic</em> Blouse Sale <em>Top</em> 2x
gold tank by Ralph Lauren
Ancient City Geometric Top
Fashion to Figure geometric top
Twill Cotton Shorts
Fashion to Figure Twill skirts

Until Next time lovlies,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chubby Girl In the World Vlog Episode 2

You guys will have to bare with me as my Windows Movie Maker skills are something to be desired so the editing for Chubby Girl In the World Vlog Episode 2 is more in need of editing but it drives home the point, consider this my cry for a technical whiz!

Chubby Girl In the World Episode 2: TLC's new show featuring Le Le Valise, we talk about other cool bloggers and talk more about Weight Hate and how dumb it is! Leave your comments below we wanna know what you think!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Flaunt your stuff with plus size lingerie

Don't let your size determine your style
Open Bust
I know how hard it is to be reminded every day and every time you go shopping that you are not "normal" sized. Everything from t-shirts to skirts to skiivies must be purchased at a "specialty" store which is what the snarky lady behind the "normal" store counter always tells you when you ask if they have plus sizes knowing that the odds are against you. Trying to find sexy lingerie or even cute undies is always a chore, so I've done some field work for you and I found some well made, not too expensive styles which come in up to a size 6x (warning, 6x in lingerie world means 26/28 dress size) Without further ado, the latest from Hips and, who were featured in the famous Vogue Italia cover with plus size models.
Sweet and sexy edwardian short set

Back lace up garter corset

Beautiful lace and stretch chemise, goes great with some of the skirts

Give your ego a huge boost with these adorable undies

No Granny panties for us! these will wake up any diva!

Don't let your size determine your style or your life, you are sexy, confident and oh so amazing, and not even the snarky lady can change that. Remeber that your size doesn't define you, it's just something you fit into right now, and some day that might change if you want it to, you are in control of your own life, your relationships, your happiness and even though it seems like a small thing, give a woman the right pair of underwear and some heels and no matter what size she is, she can rule the world. Long live the Queens!
Until next time,
Chubby Girl In The World

Friday, May 25, 2012

Luxe Look and Cheap Chic: The most luxurious summer look as well as some good finds on the cheap

Can't decide what to wear to your friends counsin's wedding or that hot date with the cutie from your karate class? We have looks from the haute couture Igigi and the budget friendly Forever21+ line, you can't miss with any of them and no matter whether your wallet is full of cash or a little light these days we've got a look for you.Luxe looks from Igigi: (all at

Perfect dress for weddings, brunches and
night filled with margaritas!

Have to meet the boyfriends parent for brunch? Yellow says you're not only a happy person but a stylish one too.

Looking for the perfectly understated elegance of a lace wedding dress? Look no further

Beautiful sweetheart nechline, parisian inspired dress.

Can you say vixen? You won't have to say anything in this number, the flash of sequins do all the talking in this photo friendly dress. Wear to the fanciest evening wedding this summer.

Now for those of us who can't afford to drop Benjamins on dresses just yet: Hot looks from Forever21+ so you can be chic on the cheap:

beautiful crochet top, so on trend right now!

Curve hugging yellow and black skirt,compliments any skin tone.

Lady like polka dots are given sophistication by the aqua piping.

Perfect outfit for a lazy day of manicures and shopping, be comfy and fashionable.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plus Size Dating-How to not fall for the toxic bachelors

My boyfriend used to ask his mother, 'How can I find the right woman for me?' and she would answer, 'Don't worry about finding the right woman- concentrate on becoming the right man.'

The perils of plus size dating are many, the heart break wrenching and the hurdles to having a meaninful relationship with someone who is not only accepting but genuinely attracted to you as a person is not just a plus size problem, but a woman problem. Here is a field guide to a few of the types of toxic bachelors out there and how to spot them:

The Hanger On Guy: This is the guy who is always hanging out with his more sucessful, smarter and nicer friend

s; he's the one no one really likes but they all put up with because it's fun to see what dumb or dangerous thing he'll do next. His friends are more aquaintances than best buds and none of them have ever really seen him with a girl for longer than a few weeks. He is the ultimate opportunist, if you have a high powered job, wear designer clothes and walk like you own the place, beware of the Hanger On Guy.

Why he's toxic: He may shower you with compliments, small trinkets or praise but he's after your connections not your heart. He wants to either sleep his way to where he wants to be because frankly he doesn't have the talent or dedication to do otherwise. He will insert himself parasitically in your life and in anyone's life who he deems "worth something".

Why We Fall for Him: He may be incredibly charming at first, know all the right things to say and hangs out with decent people, we often think someone's friends say a lot about a person and we are more likely to trust someone with a more socially acceptable circle.

The Fix: Let the praise fall on you, and then let it wash over you, shake hands and be absolutely clear that you are only looking for people who play on your level, he's not up to par; when he tries to invite himself over, just let him know you can't because you have to meet with your investment broker.


The Gym Trainer/Let me Fix You Guy:

This guy intially is very supportive, very caring and he even offers to do things for you around your house. He may be very atheltic a man's man and he isn't bad at his core, he just really wants you to be the way he thinks you should. He is convinced that if you just had the right help he could form and mold you into his version of ther perfect woman or the version he thinks you want to be.

Why he's toxic: He isn't mean or shady about anything so we keep doing all the things he's asking, then one day you wake up and stick a hot poker in his eye when you come to resent him for not liking you just the way you are.

Why We fall for Him: He's the sweet, has a six pack and loves taking you on fun adventures like rafting or kayaking.

How to avoid: Make sure that you value yourself enough to be with someone who loves YOU the way you are now, the person you want to be and the person you're becoming. You can't change a man and you shouldn't have to change to have one in your life.

The Playboy:



 Obvious one, he has two cell phones and calls one the "Booty" line. He wears way too much cologne, has more hair products than you and is constantly preening. You are not the object of his affection, you are simply a semi-shiny surface to bounce his reflection off of.

Why he's toxic: He uses women like tissues and will say and do anything to get into bed with you, he will even try to make women compete for his laughable attention, don't play the game. Yes, you definitely should hate the player.

Why we fall for him: It's exciting to be with someone unattainable, romantic comedies make it seem desirable to be the woman who turns a player into a one man one, does it sometimes happen? Yes, is it likely? No.

How to avoid: Do not jump into bed too quickly unless you're not expecting to have a relationship, you can never go backwards sexually with men. Let a man show you that he can keep a promise, makes you a priority in his life and is emotionally steady enough for the kind of relationship you want, it's not just up to him, if he can't give what you want, time to find someone who can.

The Smoker/Drinker: No real explaination is needed here, this is the guy who is so stoned/drunk that he can't even get up off the couch let along maintain a job, life or relationship. He banks on a person's good will to help others and will purposely seeks out women whose pattern it is to date "project" men, steer extremely clear, these people can become down right violent. Don't be a victim of someone whose only interest in you is to take advantage of your kindess and give you nothing but grief and pain for your trouble, everyone deserve better.

 The Power Suit:


This guy seems like the ultimate catch, wealthy, high profile career, prestigious family/school, dresses nicely and takes you to the nicest resturants. He however, can't stand to be questioned and has no sense of humor, he's the guy you always have to explain the double entendre jokes to, not because he doesn't get them but because he won't deign to know what your low brow humor is talking about. 

Why he's toxic: He's not looking for a mate, partner or equal, this is business and he's decided that you have the best ROI, he's ready to settle down and he's decided he's willing to "settle" for you. He will always buy the right gifts, the right furniture and you will always have the "right" house, but he will never say the right thing and he'll have three affairs and not understand why you're so upset when you find out because you couldn't possibly think he was in love with you did you?

The Fetishist: the creepiest of all, the person who tries to sexualize your body fat or even suggests that you gain weight. Caution these can seem normal up until a certain point, but if your date starts asking you to down pints of ice cream on camera, RUN!

Why He's toxic: He has no agenda but his own weird sexual gratification and has absolutely no regaurd for you or your feelings, worse some fetishists will encourage their plus size partners to gain a lot of weight, even to the point of immobility so their partner is completely dependent on them. Seeking that level of control over someone is irresponsible if not immoral.

How to avoid: If someone starts making overtly sexual comments regaurding fat or body mass, you know this is fetishist, the only thing to do is run the other way, no explainations needed.

The Hider:


 He is great, loving, giving and great in bed. He cooks for you at his house, he tell you he doesn't "like resturants" or you always stay at your place on your side of town. He is always looking around to make sure no one is watching and he never, ever holds your hand.

Why he's toxic: He likes you, but he's really embarassed about what he's friends will say if they knew he was dating you, he has low self esteem and projects that onto you. Your heart will fall into your stomach the first time he introduces you as his "friend" to an aquaintance you accidentally bump into even though you've been dating for 6 months.

How to avoid: though the secrecy might be titillating at first, no matter what "good" reason he has for keeping your relationship secret will eventually not be good enough in your eyes. You deserve to be on the arm of someone who thinks you're the Cat's Pajamas and doesn't give one hoot about what anyone else thinks, someone who is proud to show you off to their friends and family because you're fabulous.

These are just some of the toxic bachelor types out there and there are innumerable variations, and yes I've dated all of these, it wasn't until after I'd been through the wringer with all of them I was able to recognize the signs of a good relationship, trust, communication, laughter, understanding, someone who called and texted me throughout the day just to let me know he was thinking about me. Every woman deserves someone in her life who loves her without question, limitation or condition, and every woman will have that once every woman demands it.

Until next time lovlies,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A brief history of Plus size Fashion

Being plus size has never been easy, there have always been people who either have always been a little heavier than the general population, a little taller or both. Throughout history styles, trends and weights have fluctuated, but the desire to look and feel good in one's skin transcends time, below is a very short, brief history of some key moments in Plus Size Fashion history.

  1904 - Lena Bryant rented a small storefront on Fifth Avenue with living quarters in the back for $12.50 a month. There she hung her garments from the gas fixtures, and opened the doors.
Asked by one of her pregnant customers to design something "presentable but comfortable" to wear in public, Lena created a dress with an elasticized waistband and accordion pleated skirt. This would be the first known commercially-made maternity dress. This dress was welcomed not only by middle-class women, but by poorer pregnant women who had to work. The maternity dress soon became the best-selling garment in Lena's shop. Lane Bryant got it's name when a bank manager misspelled Lena's name as Lane.

1940's- Lane Bryant is at the height of their mail order catalog business.

Advert for Lane Braynt's "Chubby Sizes"

1950's Marily Monroe is touted as the sexiest woman alive and is a size 14-16 most of her career.

1960's Tight sweaters, skirts and hip hugging dresses of the swinging 60's give dad's and mom's heart attack throughtout the US. These fashions and the figures that wore them will late inspire the Mad Men craze.

1970's Twiggy explodes onto the fashion scene knocking the full figures of the 60's out of the spotlight and ushering in the new era of waifish, uber thin models.

1980's Hairspray is released and Ricki Lake sings her way into our hearts, Chubby girls everywhere take heart and dance around their rooms to "You Can't Stop the Beat."

1990's  Mode Magazine is in full swing, it will later become defunct when designers no longer wish to cater to the plus size woman.
June 2011 Vogue Italia put 3 plus size super models on their cover inspiring young women everywhere that you don't have to be extremely thin to be in vogue, hooray for curves!

This was a very condensed version of the history of each of these elements, there is a rich history to fashion in all it forms, art rarely fails to move and inspire life. We can only be inspired and uplifited that more and more of our favorite and most talented fashion houses like DKNY, Calvin Klien and Michael Kors are looking to the curvier figure for inspiration and not just as an afterthought.
Until next time lovlies-

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cork the new leather?

Kors Michael Kors
Everyone from Christian Loubtain to Michael Kors is embracing the cork trend, from bags to shoes to prints this trend is being seen everywhere. It makes sense for summer accessories as neon hot pants and lacy blazers go well with anything cork inspired.

The look is reminiscent of lazy summer days, one imagines laying out at the beach with turquoise water, white sand and whiling away a sunny afternoon with an exotic cocktail in the Bahamas.

It's being called the new leather as it translates well into a patent shine material like the Michael Kors shoes (inset) or a nice nueatral accessory like the bag (top) which will pull together bold prints and colors.

Christian Loubtain

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Street Chic-Real fashionistas we caught being fabulous and summer trends right off the racks

Today I set out to get some hot summer looks in stores now that would work for a full figured fashionista and weren't sky high in price, when I stopped in to browse the clearance rack at Torrid in Modesto, CA I got a lovely surprise with Stacey one of the very friendly and beautiful ladies behind the counter she was kind enough to let us use her pic in our first ever Street Chic- where we find real ladies and bring you the style straight from the street.

Do you know a super chic full figured lady in your life? Nominate he by sending your pics to  to be our Street Chic lady of the week and you will both win beauty and make up products if we pick her that week!
Stacey looking picture perfect with retro glam hair and cat eye liner. Stacey we salute your fabulousness!
We caught Stephanie in the food court looking summer pretty in shorts and a floral top, this is how you do it!

Here are som looks hot off the racks that won't break your bank:
Color block top from JC Penney $20

Bright pink pants $22 JC Penneys

Must have from Torrid, white blazer

I was so excited to see that so many people were eager to help with and be a part of Chubby Girl In the World, it's been my baby for a long time and though I had to be away for a while, it has never stopped being my passion. I truly believe that when you look good, you feel good and will do things you normally might be too shy or timid to try, the right blazer, or pants or accessory can put the biggest smile on your face and sometimes that is what make all the difference.
Until next time lovelies,

Forever 21 has plus sizes online(yea!) and why I don't do fake Prada

Supermank tank
Forever 21 long held to be the domain of the uber skinny hipster folks now has plus sizes on their website from 1-3x. They have everything from sweaters, to teeshirts, to skirts and jeans and similarly if not slightly higher prices than their smaller counterparts. This could be answer to so many plus size wishes for affordable and adorable clothes! Sadly the bottoms are
much too small for yours truly but I have high hopes for the rest of you!

We have been seeing this trend in many retailers lately, offering limited plus sizes like, (The Limited's plus size site) and even major designers like Michael Kors or Calvin Klien have clothes available up to 3x in most styles.

Regal top
In this economic climate companies can no longer afford to ignore a plus size market dying for attention, it is time someone catered to us, took us seriously and stop trying to relegate "plus size" to a four letter word. There will always be for whatever reason a market for people who need larger sizes than runway models, who knew right? Now if only Prada and Dior would catch on, a girl can dream right?

Why I don't do fake Prada/Dior/Designer bags

So I had a bit of disposable income yesterday after I paid my car note (amazing right?) So I decided to head over to the cool thrift shop next door, I immediately went for the designer rack they hide in the back of the jewelry case, I've been on the hunt for a nice white spring purse since October. They had a nice Louis Vuitton but upon inspection too many flaws for the $40 asking price, I made the sales lady (who I'm pretty sure was in recovery, good for her) show me every single bag on those five racks whilst I inspected them. Nada, nothing, zip.

Disheartened I wandered the store and looked through shoes, accessories etc again nothing caught my eye. I was just about to completely give up when I noticed a non guarded rack of purses, there was croc, leather, even a geniune Tingenello cross body pretty but not really me. Then in the very very back was the holy grail a nude croc Prada in perfect condition for $8.99?? This couldn't be right, yes the bag was from three seasons ago but even then it  should be with it's cousin Louis behind guarded glass surely. I did my once over of the outside of the bag, all seemed ok, then I peeked inside, my heart sank. There it was staring me in the face a little white tag that said
 "Made in China" it was like an arrow through the heart. I put it back and walked out so I wouldn't be tempted.

Why not you ask? No one would know, no one would care you say. All this is true and if I was 18 or 21 and just starting out in life I probably would have because it would have just been a pretty thing on my arm but I'm 27 have a good job and a steady salary and for the first time in my life full coverage on my financed nice car. Now, being able to buy a Prada or Michael Kors or any other designer means something different to me, it's not just about the bag but what it means for me.  Being able to purchase what is seemingly frivioulous bag to me means that I've arrived at a certain place in my life, that I'm finally grown up enough to pay for the things I need, save for the things I want and smart enough to know the difference.

Until next time lovlies

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Weight Hate- Stop the Hate and celebrate

Me three weeks ago (same shirt)
Me four months ago
So I was very disturbed to read the new issue of Glamour which had an article "Stop the Weight Hate" which stated that almost all of us are "weight" hating. We are judging people who are overweight as lazy and those who are thin as "bitchy and vain". It's not just fat v. skinny either, even normal weight women are catty towards their light weight equals and us chubby girls are three times more likely to categorize other heavier women as "lazy" or "slow". Ok.....WTF? Isn't life hard enough with family, work and trying to be as healthy as we can without having to worry about the lady behind us in the grocery line making the judgey face at your sugar free fudgesicles?

Are we so judgmental towards others because we are projecting our own expectations onto them? Are we using them as the whipping girls to our own faltering egos? I can't say that I'm innocent of this, I've compared myself to other women in a room before, trying to come up with reasons why I was better or just as good but those things come from fear. Is our bitchiness towards one another just out of fear of imagined sleights or unreal preconceived notions? 

So I don't have any excuse for being overweight, I don't have a gland problem or thyroid or any other such issue, the only reason I have for being fat is that I have had a not so short love affair with pizza and root beer for many many years. It is a dysfunctional if not abusive one and has been for years, however there are many people who do have legitimate issues or medical problems maintaining their weight.

 I'm not saying that people who are overweight for any reason deserve bad treatment in any way, what I am saying is that I just have no legitimate reason for remaining overweight when I do not wish to be, it's why I work out 3 days a week and try (mostly successfully) to watch what I eat. But if you were to look at me you would never guess that I had a gym membership, like most people no matter what their weight, I'm a work in progress.

I have been on the wrong end of those looks, people saying mean, catty and down right cruel things. I've even had someone walk into my office and give me the advice of having my jaw wired shut. I have also been the person "thin bashing" with my heavier girlfriends mostly because all of us wanted terribly to be thin, something almost none of us would admit. It isn't that I think thin people are better or some how inherently more attractive, I've never had issues getting a date or dance partner, but somehow being a larger size is like being "the other".  

I've never known what it was like to walk into a room and not be the biggest person in it, to not stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd. My size has shaped who I am because well I was already being stared at, might as well use it to my advantage! I became friendly, open, gracious and a damn spiffy dresser. I had to learn how to do my makeup just right because I knew everyone was going to be looking at me, and I have always felt that I had to win someone over because of my size. It is hard to have sympathy and remember that everyone has self esteem issues when you're constantly reminded of how "other" you are because you're plus size.

Judgement serves many good purposes, it allows us to make decisions based on information. It's when we make those decisions based on imagined or falsely perceived information that we can no longer trust our judgement. We must remember that we are already "the other", in the day in age of people trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, limit access to birth control and repeal domestic violence laws across the country, it's time we set our sites on more important things. There are much more important issues that deserve our ire, let's get off the merry go round of women hating and work together to do what we do best, be leaders, teachers, lawyers, scientists,women who get things done. Stop the hate and celebrate each other and our accomplishments and goals.

Suffering for Fashion- Our Submission to Shoes

So I am sitting here trying to break in my new Christian Siriano nude pumps, the ones for the Payless collection that have the staggering four inch heels. I bought them at the beginning of the month when I went to go pick up Mr. Big from the airport, I wore a short corn flower blue dress with daisy details from Old Navy, with these pumps, it was the perfect  mixture of come hither and innocence all in one outfit. Except for one thing, I could barely walk in them, I felt like a hobbled horse, as if someone had tied my legs together and was holding the reigns.

I wanted to run into his arms the way people do in movies, we hadn't seen each other in over a month and I couldn't wait to feel wrapped up in his arms. I knew I looked absolutely fantastic, I had dropped 25 pounds, was looking fit and firm and very sexy but I couldn't actually move, I felt like a living statute in these shoes. As soon as he walked towards me and gave me one of his signature warmth filled hugs I gave in to the pain and put on my very cute but not as sexy spectator flats.

I'd broken the rule, I'd chosen comfort over fashion and I was a little disappointed in myself.   Mr. Big being the ultimately good natured person he is, just laughed at what a height difference it made between us.  Heeled or not, it didn't stop him from kissing me until we were both drunk on each other. But I decided then that I would learn to walk in these dang shoes, I wanted to be the sexy vixen who can command a room and click clack her way down any hall with confidence.

So for the next two weeks I'm trying to walk in my heels for 15 minutes at night, in the comfort of my own home. I know it takes practice and sometimes what feels like aerial maneuvers to stay upright in these things, but I know it will be worth it. Not for Big or any other man but because one day I'm going to have walk into a room, a situation or something that I don't feel tall enough to handle and when that days comes, I want to be able to saunter in with a little boost from Mr. Loubtain.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Full Figured Fashion Week is coming

What if you could go back and tell your 12 year old self, the girl flipping through Vogue wondering, how can I ever fit in that? To be patient, that one day heaven was coming? So many of us flipped through those glossy pages only to be met with a standard not only alien but completely unattainable to most of us. Though we fell in love with fashion, we created a love/hate relationship with our bodies. There is nothing wrong with being a size 2, it just isn't a reality for most people.

 Fashion for a long time was the realm of the sample sized set, it was supposed to be "aspirational". What if you don't aspire to be a size 2, 4, or 6? What if your frame simply would never allow it? Or even be healthy for it?

Full Figured Fashion week changed the high fashion landscape in 2009 and tickets are still hard to come by because of its popularity to this day. It brings together designers, shoppers and the media from all over the world to cover the phenomenon of the curvy figure.

Many people don't even know it exists though, this year it's June 13-16 in New York City the mecca of fashion. Imagine waking up at the Affina hotel and going down into the luxe white and stone lobby, past the smartly dressed staff you're surrounded by luxury on all sides in Manhattan's midtown area. Then off to runways to fashion designers and shows just for the curvy woman, it's a full figured fashionistas' dream, one this blogger has had since 2009. Though I have yet to go, I can't wait until I do, it has been described by those who've attended as "curvy girl heaven". I'm making it my mission to attend next year.

It's where plus size designers from the mega Lane Bryant and Sonsi all the way to the up and comers like my new favorite Savannah Red all showcase their best stuff.  I can't wait to see the new collections the smaller designers come up with but to hold you over until then here are some the choicest pieces from some of the top designers:

Beautiful yellow peplum dress Savanah Red

Pink shift- Savanah Red

Adorable top and shorts Ashley Nell Tipton
Amazing pants! Ashley Nell Tipton

Queen Grace collection Maxi dress done right!
I can't wait to own this piece amazingly well cut!

Proud member of