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So, it is 4:41 in the morning and I've discovered something very important, never try to squeeze into an ill fitting chiffon sequin dress, your seamstress will hate you the next morning. After losing 25 pounds (about 1/8 to my goal) my 2 year anniversary is next week, and while out at Macy's shopping only the clearance as usual my eye caught a beautiful gold lame and netted Ruby Rox dress, it was a size 22, I am a size 28 or so I thought. Then a very well meaning sales woman who came out of nowhere said "Oh just try it on, you never know, every company cuts differently." I was skeptical to say the least and no matter what size you are, you know the utter feeling of defeat when a dress or any piece of clothing doesn't fit right. Well my friends the fashion gods smiled upon me and that dress fell to just the right length (not east on my 5' frame) and it was ruched and cut in the most flattering way for my body, yeah! If that was the end of the story it wouldn't be very interesting though, so encouraged by my newfound clothing freedom, I ran off to Marshalls' to look and see if the Michael Kors clutch I had hidden behind a shoe rack last week was still there, it wasn't :(. As I was drowning my sorrow for lack of designer handbags by browsing the plus size section, I spotted what I was sure was a chiffon sequin tunic shirt by Jessica Simposon and it was a 3x! What I thought was my new size! For 14.99 I swooped it and some gold earrings to match my killer dress, excited beyond words I got home and immediately tried it on, turns out all 3X's are not made equal. Actually a very short dress by Jessica Simpon I discovered as I tried it on and all I heard was a "RIIIIP". I actually ripped the lining on both sides, heavy sigh. So even though this would have been a fashion disaster would I have worn it out and that happened, now I can use it as a victory piece, I'm not that far off from being that size and a month or two from now and a little stitching and voila! Two months agos I would have cried my eyes out and sat around feeling sorry for myself, but instead with my new found confidence, I put that piece right at the front of my closet so I see it every morning before I get up and work out. This got me thinking about how fashion isn't just about looking pretty, when I tried on the gold l`ame dress it was like all those weeks of working out, eating right, and being healthy culminated into what for me was like winning the gold medal at the fashion olympics, I wanted to do more healthy things for myself, I found myself planning a healthy lunch instead of my usual hurried shopping snack of whatever the dujour calorie bomb at Starbucks is. My point is that yes, I've has slip ups, I've eaten a whole large pizza because I felt bad, I had waaaay too much ice cream after some dental work, and I've even taken more than a few days off from working out but the culminative results have been everything I could have hoped for and yes I was beautiful before, and I will be the very first person to tell you that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and so should fashion. I will however say I have never felt better and I can't wait to continue my journey to becoming the person I know I want to be. Until later my lovelies, CGINTW


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