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My review of newest trends and retailers for Spring/Summer 2012
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So Lovlies, I have scoured the internet for the most on trend, fashion foward and budget friendly finds, I have seen the good, the bad, the expensive and the not so nice prints of the season. Here is my opinion, you don't have to take my word for it, but you'll look much better if you do! ;) This is a dress with great ruching from Walmart for 21.98, material look flimsy but very affordable and nice color.
Need a dress for cocktails at a beachside resturant? This dress is grown up enough to be worn out with nice sandals and just right for the romance filled moonlit walks on the sand. Old Navy $44.98 style with some dangling earrings to elongate a shorter neck (I have to!) and wear a delicate silver bracelet for daintiness or if you are feeling more bold, try some tribal jewelry in the same p…
So, it is 4:41 in the morning and I've discovered something very important, never try to squeeze into an ill fitting chiffon sequin dress, your seamstress will hate you the next morning. After losing 25 pounds (about 1/8 to my goal) my 2 year anniversary is next week, and while out at Macy's shopping only the clearance as usual my eye caught a beautiful gold lame and netted Ruby Rox dress, it was a size 22, I am a size 28 or so I thought. Then a very well meaning sales woman who came out of nowhere said "Oh just try it on, you never know, every company cuts differently." I was skeptical to say the least and no matter what size you are, you know the utter feeling of defeat when a dress or any piece of clothing doesn't fit right. Well my friends the fashion gods smiled upon me and that dress fell to just the right length (not east on my 5' frame) and it was ruched and cut in the most flattering way for my body, yeah! If that was the end of the story it wouldn&#…