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The Crisis General-When the problem may be him

April 11, 2010
File Name: Hedge Fund 
Operation:Crisis Negotiation

Do you ever get the feeling from some people that they create drama and crisis where there is none in order to gain sympathy or cover up their blatant faults as human beings? I've been texting back and forth with the one person who seems to always be in a constant state of turmoil. Now it is unclear to me whether this is because he is understandably having a difficult time as so many of us do from time to time or if it because it is an all too convenient cover for the fact that he is hedging his bets.

I would like to be understanding, accepting and trusting of these crisis situations which this person may be going through. I would also like a straight up honest answer to the questions I have, without being made to feel guilty or like the bad guy when I expect a phone call instead of a text, which is the universal way to say yes I would talk to you, if only I cared enough.

So the question becomes, do I wait around to see if the drama is a one time tv special or is it going to be syndicated on a weekly basis? What would you do in this situation? Do you play the understanding girl who will be there for you, or do you cut your losses and move on?


  1. This last girl I was with was in the same type of "act". I say act cause there is some things I learned in life that throw red flags if you like it or not. Some are: Random amounts of silence without even trying to say why. Says things like "I love you", then nothing. The time you meet up is convenient for them, and not a mutual time for both.

    What it comes down to is. if you have feelings for this guy, your mind will find ways to rationalize all of it. It will continue until one thing happens or you come to a realization. If you are willing to stick your neck out one more time, and confident in your feelings mentioned above I say try one last time. Do it for possible closure and still have a chance to reconcile by making an ultimatum. So like for ex. "This is how I feel (keep it short and to a point), if I am wrong, i'm willing to try again can we shoot for a date/meetup on the weekend during the afternoon, i'm busy those 2 evenings". Makes a time frame and a reason, if he can't do it then move on.

    This last girl I was with I was head over heels for. Yet she just kept making reasons to see me on her time and only for a night or just a meet up. It was fun at first, but I started getting real feelings for her, and she just kept "acting".

    One thing for women (a + for you), when a girl makes her mind up 100% about a guy, it's wayyy harder to get back in their graces than the opposite for guys.


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